Nuño running unopposed gets praises from Agan PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 December 2010 15:37

District 2 Councilor Rommel Agan is all praises for Councilor Abdurahman Nuño who is unopposed in his bid for another term as president of the Association of the Barangay Chairmen (ABC).
Aside from the position of president, this is also the first time in Zamboanga that members of the board, the vice-president and the auditor, all under the banner of Nuño, will run unopposed.
Nuno’s line up is composed of Tito Espiritusanto (Zone 3) as vice-president and Nonoy Revillas (Barangay Victoria) as Auditor. The eight bets for board members are Ahmad Sampang ( Campo Islam), Josephine Pareja (Talisayan), Misael Bernardo of Maasin,Eddie Ramillano of Lamisahan, Mr.Miranda of Sto. Niño, Lito Alavar of Vitali, Lito Sembrano of Tulungatung and Rey Modillas of Cawit.
“This is an indication that the 97 barangay chairmen are satisfied with the way Councilor Nuño handles the affairs of the association and his excellent relationship with them (barangay chairmen). With that, I salute his leadership,” said Rommel Agan who happens to be a family friend of Nuño.
Nuño is a close ally of the late mayor VitalianoAgan, father of the young Councilor Agan.
As proof that no one from among the barangay chairmen are contesting Nuno’s desire to serve the association, a manifesto of support has been signed by 97 barangay chairmen last week.
Following provision of the law, casting of votes among the barangay chairmen will proceed today at 9:00 a.m. at the Convention Center of Garden Orchid Hotel despite Nuño’s team running unopposed.
The elected officers and board of the Liga ng mga Barangay or ABC will serve for a three-year term and the president will automatically represents the association in the City Council as ex-officio member.
Nuño has been the barangay chairman of Taluksangay more than rwo decades now, a community mostly resided by peace-loving Muslim people. Majority of them speak the Sama (Samal) dialect.
Nuño started serving the association in 1989, way before the passage of the Local Government Code.
Many barangay officials salute Nuno’s generosity and his exemplary performance as member of the City Council.
He is one of the aldermen responsible for the passage of several vital pieces of legislation.
In the City Council, he is known as the peace mediator every time members of the Council engage in heated arguments during sessions.
“I am so thankful to my colleagues in the association for giving that kind of thrust. In return, I assure them and the people of Zamboanga of good governance. I will not fail you,” Nuno said as he vowed to give all his best for the betterment of 98 barangays in the city. -- Jimmy Villaflores