Robbers strike at daytime PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 01 July 2012 14:34

Bold robbers struck at daytime Friday victimizing a residence at Gov. Camins Avenue.

Police said the robbery took place at the house of Conception Cadiz y Macrohon where several valuable items and money were stolen..

Initial investigation disclosed that the robbery was discovered around 5:35 p.m. and was immediately reported to the police.

Ocular investigation showed the burglars gained entry into the house by destroying the doorknob of the house’s main door.They took a laptop computer worth P30,000, a charger worth P7,000, camera worth P7,000, jewelry worth P7,000, a Samsung cell phone worth P10,000, assorted wrist watches worth P6,000, a pair of shoes worth P900, an Ipod worth P18,000 and a piggy bank containing P500.

The robbery took place two days after police arrested two minors tagged as involved in robbing a business establishment recently.

Robbers have victimized several business establishments since two years. Some of them are bold and equipped with tools that can easily destroy locks, steel gates. They climb tall buildings  and get inside offices and shops therein to ransack valuable item.

Among those victimized recently were the Jasmin Tower along Buenavista St., a store selling animal feeds, a drug store, government and private offices.

Police are oftentimes frustrated because some of the robbers are minors who cannot be jailed because of an existing law.

However, some sources insist that these minors have adult handlers who are masterminds of the series of robberies. — DanToribio Jr.