2 roving vendors shot to death in Mampang PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 July 2012 13:51

Two roving house-to-house vendors were shot dead by gunmen in the interior of Faustino Drive in Mampang yesterday afternoon.

The identities of the victims remain unknown as of press time as the police did not find any documents from their possession.

Police said the victims sustained multiple bullet wounds in their body and died on the spot.

Investigators were facing blank wall as no one from the place willing to come forward and tell investigators how the shooting happened.

The owner of a house outside where the first victim fell said that she and her family were sleeping inside at past 12 noon when they heard four shots.

Other residents claimed that they saw three men carrying steel dividers/cabinets entered the interior of Faustino Drive then later they heard several gunfire.

However, no one saw the gunmen entered the place nor left the scene after the shooting.

The body of the second victim was found more or less 50 meters away from the first victim’s body.  Police said the second victim appeared to have tried to run away after he saw his companion was shot but he was also chased and shot by the attackers.

Police were still looking for the companion of the two victims as they believed he was able to run away to save his life.

Recovered at the crime scene were several spent shells and slugs of .45 caliber pistol.

Police were looking into several angles including robbery as the possible motive behind the killing. —  Dan Toribio Jr.