Unity is key to poverty alleviation PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 July 2012 13:52

BANGUINGUI, Sulu — To ensure a continuous and uninterrupted anti-poverty program of hers, Rep.  Nur Anna Sahidulla (2nd District, Sulu)  has urged her constituents to unite for the betterment of Sulu and  of their  children.

Rep. Sahidulla said peace and harmony is one of the key factors in attaining a successful   anti-poverty programs like livelihood for her constituents.

She asked  her constituents who are in dispute with their relatives and friends to settle their differences  in order for them to move forward for the betterment  of their family,  children, community and Sulu in general.

Development of any sort could not be implemented by the government if the peace and order condition of the locality or village  is not stable, she said.

“We need to bring peace in all sectors of the community in order for development to grow or prosper  as envisioned by the  local community and national government,” Rep. Sahidulla explained.

As this developed, Sahidulla  tasked last month Mayor Munib Estino of Panglima  Estino municipality in Sulu to  conduct a dialogue between the  families of Muktar Asmadi and Paojia Sahidil  of Pata, Sulu which reportedly have been in conflict for almost 10 years now.

On Monday, the two warring families finally agreed to bury their differences with Rep. Sahidulla and other top government officials stood as witness to the feud settlement.

Sahidulla told the two families  and their relatives : “Let’s set aside our differences. Let us find ways and  means to settle it because our differences or conflict with the other party  cannot help us uplift our poor living condition.”

Sahidulla also asked the two families to  inform her as what kind of livelihood projects they would want to avail of from her anti-poverty program.

The lawmaker said it would be  best if the recipient of her  anti-poverty program will choose the kind of program and projects they would want to avail for their village. — Nonoy E. Lacson