‘Multi- sectoral, dimensional approach’ urged to solve peace and order problem PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 July 2012 14:25

Zamboanga City Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Pocholo Soliven yesterday called for a  “multi-sectoral and multi dimensional  approach” to  address the worsening peace and order situation in the City. 

Soliven made the call in reaction to the latest incident in which a Chinese businesswoman was shot dead last Monday night in front of the barangay hall of Zone III.

In a press statement, Soliven appealed to the PNP and local authorities to “give us back our Zamboanga City,  where we can freely walk at night without fear, where we can invite visitors, and investors without getting killed or maimed.”

“Give us back our city where we don’t fear for our children’s safety…. Give us back the city where we can invest on long term … and where economic potentials are harnessed and witness our city soar to greater heights in terms  of growth and development as well as opportunities for all its residents…and most especially give us back our Zamboanga‘s finest where we can truly ‘trust’ to protect its residents…All these are achievable and within our grasp if we “seriously address the peace and order concerns of our beloved city….This is not perception … this is stark reality staring at us!” Soliven said.

Soliven added that the security of the city does not limit only on prevention and proactive approach both on the part of the PNP and the civilian populace, but should be taken on a multi dimensional paradigm shift .

“A whole of the City approach is probably the best solution to address the problem of peace and security,” he suggested.

Soliven further proposed  to institutionalize “a city wide security framework” taking cognizance of Zamboanga City’s unique geographic location and the city’s populace demographcs.

Soliven appealed to the national government, particularly to Interior and Local Government  Sec. Jesse Robredo  to review and increase lhe logistics and funding support to the PNP in the region, which is currently pegged at P114,000 per month and already for the entire  regional command.

“We cannot solely put the blame on our local police, we have to ask,  do they have the adequate resources to combat  crime and  prevention?” Soliven pointed out.

During last Friday’s  PNP Kapihan, it was categorically revealed  that  logistical support to our police to combat criminality is the main concern of the the police command. Why they cannot effectively  do their task as expected.