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Monday, 16 July 2012 14:14

An 11-year-old girl and her nine-year-old male cousin were brutally killed and their bodies were burned by the killer in a house in Logoy Grande, Talon-Talon last Saturday.

Alfred Miranda, the owner of the house who is a person with disability (PWD) was arrested after he was tagged as behind the brutal killing.

Tetuan police station commander Chief Insp. Elmer Acuña identified the fatalities as Jessiedel Manalo, 11, and John Larry Mendoza, 9, both residents of Tugbungan.

A police report disclosed that the victims had been collecting scrap materials to be sold in junkshops.

The charred remains of the victims were discovered at past 9 p.m. by the mother and other relatives of Manalo.

The remains were found at the backyard of Miranda’s house.

Manalo’s mother named Jessibel told DZT that her daughter together with Mendoza and two other cousins left their respective houses Saturday morning. Few hours later, two of the four cousins reported to their 16-year-old uncle that Jessidel and John Larry were held by Miranda and were detained in his house.

The two minors said that Miranda seized all of them but the two of them managed to escape.

The 16-year-old uncle went to the house of Miranda to look for his young niece and nephews. He said that Miranda stopped him from going inside his house. The teenager added that he noticed blood stains in Miranda’s t-shirt.

The teenager returned home and reported to the parents of Jessiedel and John Larry what he saw at Miranda’s house where the two minors were detained.

Jessiebel said that she and other relatives went to the Miranda’s house Saturday night and coordinated with the barangay council of Talon-Talon, but they failed to locate the two minors.

Hours later, they returned to Miranda’s house where Jessiebel found the pair of slippers of her daughter within the compound. Then they found the charred bodies of the two minors at the backyard.

Relatives and policemen also recovered some hard objects with blood stains suspected to have been used in beating the two minors to death..

On the other hand, Miranda denied the accusation saying that when he held the two minors he let them go around 11 a.m. Saturday.

Miranda was detained at the Tetuan Police Station pending the filing of charges against him in court. – Dan Toribio Jr.