2 men hacked, killed aboard basnig boat PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 17 July 2012 14:30

Two men were hacked and killed aboard a basnig (fishing boat) off Tictabon Island and Arena Blanco yesterday morning.

Sacol Police Station commander Chief Insp. Nonito Asdai identified the fatalities as Jose Autida and Junrey Vicete. They sustained multiple hack wounds in the body and died on the spot.

Asdai said his police team has invited all the boat’s 33 crew men who are also companions of the victims to shed light on the killing as all of them had earlier failed to cooperate with them by giving statements.

Asadai disclosed said that they had received report before 5 a.m. that Atena II, a fishing boat was hijacked.

Another report received by the police said there was a shooting incident on that boat.

However, when Asdai and his men arrived at the fishing boat, they found the bodies of Autida and Vicete with hack wounds.

Asdai added that when they interrogated the victims’ companions, they were giving inconsistent statements.

Moreover, it was learned that the victims were relatives of the fishing boat owner.

The police commander believes the 33 crew men  have knowledge on the killing, but were not cooperating with them.

The bodies were brought to a funeral parlor for post mortem examination.– Dan Toribio Jr.