Double murder case filed vs suspect in slay of 2 kids PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 July 2012 14:13

The families of two children who were brutally killed and their bodies were burned in Talon-Talon Saturday last week formally filed with the City Prosecutor Office murder charges  against the suspect who was arrested by the police hours after the gruesome incident.

Murder case in two counts was filed against Alfred Miranda y Tan of  Talon-Talon at the office of Associate City Prosecutor Edwinlino B. Custodio last Monday afternoon.

The complainants, Rosana Mendoza and Jessiebel Manalo, mothers of slain John Larry Ramos, 9, and Jessiedel Manalo, 11, respectively, were accompanied by case investigator PO3 Butch Cañones, together with men  of the Tetuan Police Station and witnesses aboard a PNP L300 van in going to
the prosecutor’s office.
The witnesses John Bryan Mendoza and France Patrick Pantaleon, both minors point to Miranda as the alleged killer of their slain relatives. They narrated that they were collecting scrap irons and recyclable materials along with the victims and a certain Robin, who accordingly had trauma due to the incident last Saturday when they reached an old house/bodega along Isabela Salazar Drive, Talon-Talon. The victims and Robin entered the house with the intent of buying some of the scrap iron of Miranda but the latter allegedly held them and accused them of stealing scrap iron in his property.

Robin managed to escape and told what happened to their companion waiting outside. Fearing that they will also be held, the eldest of the group John Bryan Mendoza went after a while to look for her niece and younger brother but only to see Miranda stained with blood carrying a bloody curved long bolo (sanggut). According to Bryan, he was also held but was able to escape upon telling Miranda that he has barangay Tanods with him. The kids rushed home and told the incident to their parents prompting the latter to look for the missing kids. The parents sought the help of authorities to get into the house and look for the kids, but found only Miranda burning a pile of woods and garbage some yards from the main building.    Men of the Tetuan Police Station also found traces of blood in the bodega. But never found the missing kids. Miranda denied any involvement in the case of the missing kids.

The police took Miranda to the Tetuan Police Station for proper interrogations. The kids pointed at him as the alleged perpetrator.

For further investigation, the police had sought the assistance of the Tetuan Fire Station to light the old building for further searches. They found two charred remains believed to be that of Mendoza and Manalo buried under a pile of burning woods and garbages. They put off the fire and called the Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO).

Miranda continued to deny the accusation prompting the mothers of the slain kids to burst in anger and verbally attacked Miranda.

The weeping mother of John Larry said she wants justice for her son and granddaughter Jessiedel Manalo and see Miranda in prison.

In an interview, Miranda said he did not do anything and vehemently denied he killed the two children. — Jeremiah A. Francisco and  Darlene Christine Riza M. Cristobal/WMSU  Masscom OJT