Celso’s passion for education has pushed DepEd to limit — Luistro PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 July 2012 15:00

Education Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro has strongly vouched for Mayor Celso Lobregat’s advocacy and passion for quality education, befitting him for the honorary degree of doctor of humanities conferred upon him by the Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) last Monday.

“Proud citizens of Zamboanga City, we know Mayor Celso as an advocate. His advocacy goes beyond what he does. It is an advocacy that comes from the heart and seen by the passion with which he accomplishes all of his targets,” Bro. Luistro said during the conferment of Lobregat as doctor of humanities (honoris causa).

“The Department of Education,” Luistro said, “joins this colorful celebration and is delighted to also celebrate with the community on this occasion (conferment) it is because we have seen for ourselves the work that he has done and the investment he has made for basic education. You know where your taxes go!”

He said the city government under Lobregat’s stewardship has turned over to DepEd as of last count at least 700 classrooms. “I encourage you to visit the public schools in Zamboanga City and know for yourself what people can do to inject that which is most honorable and that which is most noble in what they value. You will be proud of the facilities and buildings which you have built under the visionary leadership of Mayor Celso for the city of Zamboanga.”

According to Luistro, when he started in the DepEd about two years ago, he has signed at least 22 memorandums of agreement (MOAs) with 22 local government units nationwide, and with much effort the DepEd was able to raise P1.2 billion from the coffers of 22 LGUs, resulting in the construction of 1,700 classrooms.

“Proud citizens of Zamboanga, you have built 700 classrooms beyond the 1,700 built by 22 LGUs. What more can I ask from your city? That kind of passion sometimes is a passion that we may be wary about because passion certainly pushes us to the limit. Mayor Ceso, thank you for that passion. You have certainly pushed the DepEd to the limit,” Luistro declared, to a thundering applause from the audience.

He further said that every time a school building is turned over to the DepEd, Mayor Lobregat would make it a point to include the actual cost of the building computed on a per square meter per classroom basis.

“This is stewardship. This is accountability. This is service. Today, we honor that which is greatest in every person and we are reminded that we are here certainly not for personal gain, not for personal glory and we will be judged at the end of the day for what we have done and how we have been good stewards of God-made gifts, and I am delighted to support that which is noblest in a human heart,” Luistro added. – Vic Larato