Fabian consults Duterte on peace and order approach PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 20 July 2012 14:27

Much has to be done to achieve stable peace and order in Zamboanga City and learning from the experiences of others will be of great help in addressing the problem here in our city.

This is a major concern of District 2 Rep. Erbie A. Fabian as he sought out and met with former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte recently while on a trip to Davao.

Rep. Fabian sat down with the former mayor and now Vice Mayor Duterte and spent hours discussing the subject of peace and order, especially the Davao City turn around on their way to establishing peace and order bringing stability to the region’s biggest city.

Duterte has been hailed as one of the iron fisted, no nonsense mayor who cleansed the city of communist insurgents, criminal elements and wrongdoers and helped transform the city into the most progressive and vibrant city of the south.

Fabian, who maintained, nothing major can be achieved until peace and order is restored to the streets of Zamboanga, is a staunch advocate of restoring order in the city.

Criminality has persisted in the city with rampant cases of shootings, robberies and other petty crimes occurring on an almost daily basis.

The 2nd District solon in fact has made peace and order his top priority in an effort to rid the city of criminal elements.

A huge amount of resources have been poured by way of logistical aid to the local police through the purchase of more firearms, vehicles for mobility, two way radio transceivers for communication, funds for gasoline and ammunition, computers for the office and buildings for police sub stations around the city and yet crimes persists at a high level.

Learning from success stories like that of Davao may shed light on how we can further improve the enforcement of laws and order and Mayor Duterte has been very helpful in offering intelligent insights on how they do things in Davao, the 2nd District Solon added.

Achieving stability in the peace and order front will open the flood gates to investors and visitors to come to Zamboanga City unafraid and confident they are safe while here, Fabian added.

“I have said and will say again, it has to start with stability and everyone has to pitch in and do their part in securing our city from malefactors,” Fabian said.

The two officials sat down for hours and discussed on ways and means of establishing order in the streets of busy metropolis’ such as Davao and Zamboanga and how to maintain the peace day in and day out.

Other than crimes, the illicit drug trade in the city is proving to be a major problem as most violent crimes are attributed to drug syndicates operating here.

This deadly menace must be dealt with and the heavy hand of the law must come down on these drug traffickers, said Fabian..

Drugs destroy the moral fiber of society and causes much pain and anguish among families, he added.

It is not the task of the police and Task Force Zamboanga under Col. Buenaventura Pascual alone, but of all including the city government, the barangays and the entire populace as well.

He acknowledged the efforts put in by the local police and other units in combating the crime but said much more can be done.