15th congress reopens session, Fabian bills move up to Senate PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 July 2012 14:21

As the 15th Congress formally opens down to its homestretch, two bills authored by District 2 Rep. Erbie A. Fabian have progressed considerably as it move towards being approved for ratification into laws by both houses of Congress.

Consolidated House Bill No. 4830, seeking the establishment of the Pasonanca Watershed Forest Reserve, as a Protected Area under the category of Natural Park is nearest to being enacted into law as the committee report incorporating the house bill is currently being routed for committee members to affix their signatures to the measure.

This was the update provided by Senator Francis Escudero, in a formal communiqué sent to the office of the city 2nd district solon in Manila last Thursday, July 19, 2012.

The formal notice was dated June 18, 2012 and was received by Rep. Fabian in Zamboanga last Friday.

Rep. Fabian expressing high optimism said the bill he has shepherded through Congress all the way to the Senate stands a very good chance of passing into law.

Signing committee reports according to the 2nd district solon is akin to affixing approval of the measure which will then only have to wait for President Noynoy Aquino to sign it before it officially becomes a law.

Consolidated Bill 4830 seeks to establish the Pasonanca area surrounding the city’s watershed as a protected zone mainly to help safeguard the vital water source of the city.

It is an environment conservation measure aimed at providing ample protection to one of three remaining watershed zones existing in the entire country for both its flora and fauna life and providing a buffer to the existing area.

The Fabian measure will ensure the city will continue to get its potable water supply and will have its natural cover to protect the city from the devastating effects of flashfloods and other natural calamities.

Sen. Escudero, Committee on Natural Resources chair of the upper house has assured the quick passage of the Fabian bill on several occasions already.
He said the bill is on its homestretch and the city will soon have its watershed reserve thanks to the effort of Cong. Fabian.

In a similar communiqué, Sen. Escudero also informed the 2nd district solon that House Bill No. 4491 has cleared second reading last June 6 under committee report no. 112.

House Bill No. 4491, also principally authored by Cong. Fabian seeks the creation of four additional branches of the regional trial court in the 9th judicial region to be stationed in this city.

It was further stated the house approved measure has been elevated to the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights chaired by Escudero himself.

The communiqué was also dated June 18, 2012 when sent out to the office of the 2nd district solon.

The bill is intended to help decongest case backlogs in the courts here to speed up the judicial process, Fabian added.

He said he is also optimistic of the bill’s passage in this 15th Congress.