Zamcelco bids to renew power supply contract with PSALM PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 December 2010 17:07

In its aggressive approach to strengthen power supply in the city, Zamcelco has requested for the renewal of its expired Contract for a Supply of Electric Energy (CSEE) with the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation (PSALM).
Zamcelco General Manager Reinerio Ramos was elated as he revealed that the coop’s Letter of Agreement (LOA) for the renewal of its said contract with PSALM has been given strong consideration.
According to Ramos, in the three page response-letter dated November 24, 2010, PSALM President Emmanuel Ledesma, Jr., on a high note, states: “Upon evaluation of your request, PSALM is amenable to your request for renewal, hence, pursuant to Department of Energy (DOE) Circular No. DC 2010-10-0011 and Section three (Scope and Term of the Contract), paragraph 3.1 and Section four (Service Speculations) paragraph 4.1 and Annex 1 providing for the Minimum Contract Energy Specifications of the expired CSEE. The expired CSEE shall be modified and renewed.”
Zamcelco’s original CSEE contract dated August 25, 2005 was expired last August 25, 2010.
Ramos wrote two separate urgent letters dated September 1, 2010, and November 12, 2010, respectively, fervently requesting for the renewal of its expired contract with PSALM.
“Because of this very positive development, we are now assured of a renewed steady power supply from their grid,” Ramos stressed.
Prior to its exhaustive move for a possible CSEE renewal, Zamcelco has been relegated on a mere floating status – meaning its supposed energy load allocation from PSALM can not be a “sure thing” anymore.
“Now, our some 100,000 member-consumers have all the reasons to be happy, as we are now expecting a very good result on the renewal of our contract with PSALM,” Ramos said elatedly.
By January, 2011, Zamcelco’s Revised Equivalent power demand is pegged at 72,781 (MW) and such continous steady demand is being guaranteed up to December 2011, PSALM’s Contract Energy with Zamcelco stated.
The energy requirement for the whole city of Zamboanga is averaging from 69MW to 80MW.
“With this assured power supply agreement with PSALM, the city is highly expected to address well its power crisis-including the frequent power curtailments we are usually experiencing,” assessed Ramos. -- Monch L. Follosco