Dads Xmas bonus withheld PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 December 2010 10:44

The City Council yesterday passed a resolution requesting Mayor Celso Lobregat to find out why the City Accounting Office (CAO) has withheld the Christmas bonus of the councilors.
Members of the City Council were supposed to receive their Christmas bonus yesterday but it was withheld for reasons many of the councilors could not understand.   
“We have so many commitments this month. Some of the barangays have asked us for financial assistance for their Christmas activities. How could we give our share when our pockets are empty,” said Councilor Abdurahman Nuño, sponsor of the resolution.
Nuno learned that the accounting office has suspended the release of their bonus because of the unliquidated travel expenses of some of the councilors.
“The accounting office should not do it to us. They should be fair enough. Probably, they can withhold the bonus of those councilors who have unliquidated expenses, but not those who have already cleared their records,” Nuño said as he expressed disgust on the CAO's action.
City Council records showed that some councilors have exceeded their travel allowance which until now remains unliquidated.
“But for sure, they (councilors) have valid reasons. So while clearing their records, others who do not have liabilities in their office should not be punished,” Nuño said. “We want the mayor to come in and investigate. What we heard are all allegations. We wanted to know other valid reasons as to why it is being withheld.” -- Jimmy Villaflores