Furigay set to distribute Philhealth cards to 4,000 Lamitan City folks PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 31 July 2012 14:01

In line with the thrust of President Aquino’s administration of continuous assistance to indigent Filipino families through health care services, the Lamitan City Government under the leadership of Mayor Roderick “Oric” Furigay is scheduled to release Philhealth cards to 4, 000 Lamiteños on the first week of August this year.

The 4,000 beneficiaries are composed of pedicab or sikad-sikad drivers, habal-habal and tricycle drivers, Barangay Health Workers, sales ladies of carinderias or eateries, house-maid/house-boys, stone breakers, fish vendors, port laborers, marginal fishermen, senior citizens and other recipients coming from all different walks of life who have not yet availed of the Philhealth services.

Officials of the 45 barangays in Lamitan including the tanods were among the first sectors who became recipients of the Philhealth medical services courtesy of the Furigay’s administration.

Furigay said the 4,000 new members are in addition to the 4,000 individuals who were earlier identified by the Department of Social Welfare and Development following Pres. Aquino’s objective of possible full Philhealth coverage to all Filipino families.

“My target is to enroll at least one member of the family (indigent) to the Philhealth medical services before my term ends,” Furigay said as he committed that sufficient fund will be allocated in next year’s annual budget for the purpose.

Also in line with Furigay’s medical assistance to his constituents, a sea ambulance worth more than P1 million was acquired to ferry patients in going to Zamboanga City in cases of emergency.

“There are times that a patient should undergo emergency medical attention or operation that only hospitals equipped with facilities in Zamboanga can carry out. This is very useful. In fact, it has already been in operation since two weeks ago,” Furigay said.

He said the original plan is to purchase a bigger sea ambulance worth P7 million but it was not realized because majority of the Lamitan City Council led by Vice Mayor Arleigh W. Eisma rejected the proposed loan of P300 million which is supposed to finance many infrastructure projects, livelihood programs including the putting up of infirmary hospitals.

“I was really disappointed after it was rejected. But I did not give up. Because I see the importance of the sea ambulance. We were able to buy one using our calamity fund,” Furigay said. — Jimmy Villaflores