FABIAN AGENDA: No to ARMM inclusion, good peace and order, biz climate Print
Wednesday, 01 August 2012 14:35

Stand against inclusion of Zamboanga City into any expanded autonomous region or juridical entity, restoration of the peace and order and establishing a conducive business climate are among policies in the 10-point agenda that Congressman Erbie A. Fabian has pledged to implement if he is elected mayor in the 2013 election.

The 10-point agenda which Fabian dubbed as “My Contract with the People of Zamboanga” was presented in a gathering yesterday morning at the Barangay Culianan Quadrangle where the veteran public servant formally launched his bid for the mayoralty post  in the 2013 elections before a big crowd of supporters.

Fabian, backed by Fuerza Zamboanga, a loose organization of concerned citizens, business leaders, professionals, civic and political leaders announced with finality that he was gunning for the mayoralty next year.

Fabian’s presentation of the 10-point agenda, copies of which were distributed to the people present in the gathering, was met with loud applause,indicative of the true aspirations and desires of the people in the city.

(The full text of the 10-point agenda can be found onPage 3)

The agenda seeks to better conditions in Zamboanga City in the next few years ahead.

Fabian said he is the underdog in the forthcoming polls citing the formidable odds stacked against him but said he is confident of the people’s support for a fresh start in the city leadership, borne out of his long years in public service, his sincerity and integrity along with a common kinship with the masses could help propel his bid into reality in next year’s polls.

“I have decided to continue serving the people of Zamboanga City, whether I’am the chosen one or not. It is the people after all who will decide who they want to lead them in the next three years after the polls,” Fabian said I will conduct my campaign at a high level and will stay true to my person, one who has not wronged or say anything negative of others in the course of my campaigns in the past up to the present.”

He continued:” Zamboanga City is at the crossroads, it has got to decide where it wants to go next and the next mayor to serve will be crucial in that decision. I offer myself, with my humble background, with my experience and knowledge from serving the people for over 21 years, to be that person to lead the city into the future.”

“Zamboanga City has been my place of birth, it is the people here who have entrusted their faith in me for the past many years of my public service as a councilor, vice mayor, mayor and three-term congressman, and here will Erbie Fabian be until the day that I finally am rested. I care for Zamboanga City and I will promise to abide by that covenant with the people to help guide me restore the city into the glorious City of Flowers, peaceful and progressive, a place where everyone can be proud of…Proud of being a Zamboangueno,” he concluded in his message during the gathering.