Palace official bullish on Asia’s Latin City branding PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 03 August 2012 14:07

An official from Malacañang has expressed high regards for the City Government’s steadfast resolve to propel growth and development through the Asia’s Latin City branding as he voiced optimism that the tag will definitely attract hordes of tourists from all over the globe.

“I was telling Mayor Celso [Lobregat] that Zamboanga City should continue to be promoted aggressively especially with the branding of the Latin City of Asia and it will attract legions of tourists from all over the world,” Secretary Herminio Coloma, Jr. of the Presidential Communication and Operations Office in Malacañang said in a recent visit to Zamboanga City.

Choosing Asia’s Latin City as the branding for Zamboanga, Sec. Coloma said is the way that people in progressive cities have emerged. “That is the way that the so-called break-out nations have gained global recognition to be able to discover something unique, distinctive about their country or their city”.
Such a choice, he articulated, reflects the strength of character and the virtues of the people. “That is the way that we bring out the best of who we are and what we are”.

The Asia’s Latin City branding is borne out of the fact that Zamboanga is the only city in the country and the entire Asia where the majority of its population speak, understand and converse chabacano, a Spanish derivative language, on a daily basis.

The Asia’s Latin City branding is backed by Resolution 760 approved on September 14, 2006, supporting, endorsing and adopting “Asia’s Latin City” as the new brand name of the City of Zamboanga –a more appropriate and unique way of promoting and projecting Zamboanga City based on the series of consultations with the different sectors and stakeholders and the assistance of the City Development Stragey3 Program. Its

Secretary Coloma emphasized that chabacano is part of the country’s rich cultural heritage and that “instead of lapsing into what may be chauvinism or narrow nationalism, it is high time that we appreciate the richness of our cultural heritage which includes our Spanish background and also our Latin heritage”.

“And Zamboangueños can claim a special niche in being the distinctively Latin City not just of this country but in the whole of Asia,” the PCOO Secretary said adding that preserving chabacano and cultural promotion is part of the government’s efforts to promote the Philippines to tourism.

Tourism, he said, essentially means attracting people and building stronger friendship among people of different nations and that friendship is built when there is better understanding of each other’s history and culture. “That is why being Asia’s Latin City is a way of enriching cultural heritage of Filipinos not just of the Zamboangueños”.

And because of the city government’s efforts, Secretary Coloma commended Mayor Lobregat, Congresspersons Beng Climaco and Erbie Fabian and other leaders of the city for being “role models and exemplars of what competent and capable public servants can bring about with the cooperation and support of their constituents”.

Coloma was in the city recently to grace the oath taking of the new set of officers of the Zamboanga Press Club. — Sheila Covarrubias