Cancellation of Zamcelco election in 2 districts hit PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 August 2012 14:23

Sangali Barangay Chairman Leopoldo Toribio, who is a candidate for Zamcelco board of director in District 10 has questioned the decision of Zamcelco on the sudden cancellation of the board election which was scheduled yesterday.

Zamcelco cancelled the election for Districts 5 and 10 for unknown reason, saying that the vacant position will just filled up by way of appointment.
Through his lawyer, Toribio will bring the issue before a proper forum today to question the abrupt decision .

Hundreds of Toribio’s supporters with placards gathered together in Sangali Saturday afternoon expressing disgust on the notice of cancellation which was signed by Mr. Charito Mabitasan, acting general manager of Zamcelco.

“Hende kame comporme conel cancelacion. Ya gasta ya yo para na campaña. Preparao ya kame todo aqui na District 10 para el eleccion y despues cancela lang. De pendehadas ese,” Toribio told newsmen.

Zamcelco District 10 is composes of 22 barangays in the east coast including Sangali where Toribio represents. Sangali Barangay Kagawad Al Abalos is the only other candidate running against Toribio had the election pushed through yesterday.

In an interview, Zamcelco President Elbert “Bong” Atilano was quick to react regarding the controversial issue saying that the board has nothing to do with the cancellation and the decision was purely made by the management.

Atilano said he will also question the cancellation move as he vowed to call for an emergency meeting right after the flag-raising ceremony today at Zamcelco. It will be followed by a press conference where he will clarify all issues regarding the cancellation.

It was learned that the advisory on the cancellation of the special election was received by a certain Jacqueline T. Bue, Zamcelco’s finance manager through a text message from Mabitazan.

Atilano learned that NEA had earlier issued a memorandum relative to the cancellation of the elections addressed to the Zamcelco board.

“The management broke the breach of protocol. The memo was addressed to me. They took action even without our approval. The election is an activity of the board and not by the management. They (management) should be answerable to the member consumers,” Atilano pointed out.

Zamcelco has issued a press statement late last week on the cancellation of the special elections in Districts 10 and 5, while district 2 will still hold its election. District 5 is composed of Barangays San Jose Gusu, Baliwasan, Calarian, Campo Islam, part of San Jose, Camino Nuevo Canelar, San Roque, Malagutay and Cabatangan while District 2 is composed of barangays within the city proper like the four Zones.

According to Atilano,  the main reason why NEA decided to cancel the election was because of the term period that the board members (if elected) in Districts 10 and 5 will have to serve.

Should it pushes through, the elected ones will only serve for less than a year while the elected board in District 2 would really serve a full term of office.

The election was supposed to be held earlier this year after those who were sitting were removed By NEA because of alleged irregularities.

Atilano said there is no reason to cancel the election considering that funds needed have already been approved.

Atilano was in Manila when Mr. Mabitazan made the announcement on the cancellation of the elections. — Jimmy Villaflores