K of C INDUCTION MESSAGE : Erbie calls for news moral order PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 August 2012 14:58

District 2 Congressman Erbie A. Fabian has called for new moral order in life and help spread the good news to others that a pervading sense of hopelessness and despair may be eased by all.

Fabian issued the challenge to members of the knights of Columbus chapter of Our Lady of Fatima in Suterville on the occasion of their induction ceremony last Sunday at La Viña Hotel this city.

Citing the needs theme this year, “So that the world may know new hope”, Fabian, the guest of honor and keynote speaker of the event, said the Knights of Columbus could help spearhead a moral renewal of sorts by helping spread the good news to those in need.

“It is easy to fall into a sense of despair these days, when life is hard and things do not come by easy for many, that we tend to forget the great lessons life has taught us,” said  the solon from Mercedes.

He continued: “There has to be a sense of goodness, an urgency for people to renew ties with what is positive in life and approach things with a better perspective to move on.”

Fabian, a member of the Knights of Columbus himself said the good news is the answer to all negativism and is found in the teachings of the Almighty through the gospel of the word.

He stressed that Sunday Mass service is a step in the right direction as people take time out to understand the teachings of the Lord.

A return to righteousness could help serve everyone, from public officials such as himself, to professionals, and to the simple folk of the city as it puts everything in the right perspective, Fabian added.

Abiding by God’s words and His teachings is a step into righteousness and this could help serve the community better, he further said.