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Wednesday, 08 August 2012 15:24

A businesswoman was killed while her husband escaped unhurt after she was shot by two holduppers who later took their money at Marquez Subdivision, Tetuan Highway last Monday night.

Police operatives arrested three suspicious persons during a hot pursuit operation at Murga Compound along Veterans Avenue few hours after the holdup-slay.

The fatality was identified as Patricia Gumones y Limo. She sustained a bullet wound in the head and was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

A police report disclosed that Gumones was riding on a motorcycle with her husband Johnny Tan, both owner of Satti House along Pilar St., and were on their way home around 7:45 p.m. when two men aboard another motorcycle blocked their path and the backrider announced a holdup at gunpoint at Marquez Drive, a  few meters away from Tetuan Highway.

The gunman grabbed the bag of Gumones but she resisted. The holdupper then shot her at close range, then quickly boarded their get-away-motorcycle driven by his cohort.

Operatives of the Tetuan Police Station led by Chief Insp. Elmer Acuña in coordination with the City Police Office’s Investigation Section led by Sr. Insp. Arlan Delumpines mounted hot pursuit operations for the arrest of the holduppers.

Delumpines said that while he and his men were conducting follow-up operation in connection with the holdup-slay, he spotted three persons aboard a motorcycle with no plate number along Gov. Lim Avenue. They were acting suspiciously.

Considering the description of the three men matched with the two holduppers at Marquez Drive, Delumpines and his men tailed the three men until they reached Tomas Claudio St.

Delumpines sought the assistance of the policemen assigned with the Patrol Section and they called the attention of the three men.

However, when the policemen were about to approach them, the three men suddenly sped away towards Veterans Avenue passing the one-way Tomas Claudio St..

Delumpines and his men and members of the Patrol Section chased the suspects up to the interior portion of Murga St.

At the dimly lit Murga Compound, one of the three suspects fell from the motorcycle. He hid in the dark portion of the said place. Few meters ahead, the motorcycle crashed and the two suspects scampered in different directions.

The suspects’ motorcycle was retrieved by the police and was taken to the Tetuan Police Station for safekeeping.

Few minutes later, a single gunshot was heard at the dark part of Murga Compound and when the police returned to the area,  they recovered the three suspects. One of them was already wounded from a gunshot.

The three men were identified as Dindo Longob, 23, single, of Tugbungan. He sustained a bullet wound in the stomach. The two others were Reyralph Torres y Bautista, 19, single of Baliwasan Tabuk and William Katubi y Estrella, 20, single, of Tumaga.

Police said that when they left Murga Compound, an unidentified gunman shot Longob.

The three young men told the police that they tried to evade arrest because of their traffic violation. They denied involvement in the holdup-slay.

Tan told the police that two of the three young men matched with the description who shot and robbed them.

The three young men were placed under police investigation. – Dan Toribio Jr.