House Defense Committee vice chair Fabian meets top AFP brass at EAAB PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 August 2012 14:40

District 2 Rep. Erbie A. Fabian has reported the House of Representatives has passed the measure extending the Armed Forces of the Philippines modernization program for another 15 years.

In a meeting of top military officials at the occasion of the 33rd National Reservists Week Regional Convention held at the Edwin Andrews Air Force Base in Sta. Maria over the weekend, Fabian said this will allow the national government to hasten the provision of modern war materiel for the military.

Rep. Fabian, Defense House Committee Vice Chairman, told the senior military commanders here the passage of House Bill no. 6410 which amends Republic Act 7898 known as the AFP Modernization Act,  will see to it the Philippine Military will become more responsive and relevant to continuing  changes in  regional and international  security environment.

Fabian met with some of the military’s top brass here before addressing the reservists as a guest of honor and speaker.

Among those he met were Assistant Deputy Chief of staff for Reservists and Retiree Affairs or J-9 Brig. Gen. Danilo Fabian and other top officials from the Army, Navy and the Marines here.

Fabian said the continuing friction with China in the disputed Scarborough shoals off the West Philippine seas is an example of the dire need for the AFP to shape up and meet with the growing external threat to the sovereign state of the country’s territories.

The solon from Mercedes also reported the current dispensation appears bent on modernizing the AFP especially the Air Force and the Navy and equip these branches of the AFP with new aircraft and warships.

The new measure will allow Congress to allocate funds for the AFP’s modernization in the next 15 years.

While the AFP slowly re focuses its attention from years of engaging in the internal defense of the country, fighting a long drawn insurgency war versus the CPP NPA, the MNLF, the MILF and the Abu Sayyaf, to the external defense of the country, the more it would need to re equip its forces with newer equipment which could cost the country billions of pesos to finance its acquisition, Fabian stressed.

The House Defense Vice-Chairman assured the AFP top brass here Congress is cognizant of the AFP’s needs and assured Congress backs the modernization plan fully.

He added the Navy has started the ball rolling by getting new warships from the USA and the Air Force will follow suit with the delivery of new helicopters and fighter jets in the years ahead.

A strong AFP will provide the country ample leverage in times of crisis, and the Philippines will soon rise to the level of its regional neighbors with a modernize AFP, the solon declared.