Beng: Magna carta of women is enough PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 August 2012 14:36

House Deputy Speaker and District I Representative Beng Climaco has emphasized that the Magna Carta of Women is enough and that the Reproductive Health bill is just a rendundat measure that supports the same agenda.

“The passage of RA 9710 which I am a principal author already takes care of the points raised in the RH Bill. I see this as a crucial part in legislation as this will come out as redundant in the law that had already been passed,” she said.

Cong. Climaco further explained that the RH Bill is neither urgent nor necessary since the Magna Carta for Women, specifically Sec. 17 thereof, already addresses most of the issues sought to be addressed by the RH Bill, such as : maternal care covering pre-and post-natal services; responsible methods of family planning; youth sexuality education and health services; prevention and management of sexually-transmitted infections and reproductive tract cancers and other gynecological disorders; and prevention of abortion and management of pregnancy-related complications.

One of the criticisms against Philippine legislation is the existence of so many laws which tend to overlap one another but lack proper implementation by the government. Instead of crafting another legislation to address perceived social ills, it is highly suggested that the government devote its resources into further strengthening existing government programs and implementing previously enacted legislation such as the Magna Carta for Women Act, according to the lady solon.

She said the government has scarce resources as evidenced by continuing deficits in its annual budgets and so, instead of devoting more money into programs under the RH Bill, the government should instead focus these resources to existing programs that are in dire need of funding, specifically those pertaining to the education and health sectors, which are already proven as effective catalysts in alleviating poverty in our country.

She emphasized that equal access to quality education and affordable health care will readily solve the problems associated with a burgeoning population provided these programs are properly funded, focused and consistently implemented.

The lady solon had been invited by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) where she was able to speak with the bishops. During the meeting, she was able to present the very important details of the Magna Carta of Women. — Marvin Segura