AMID SHOOTING INCIDENTS: Estilles urged to review Zambo police capability PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 August 2012 14:21

Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde yesterday urged Police Regional Police Chief Supt Napoleon Estilles to conduct a serious assessment on the performance of the Zamboanga City Police Office (ZCPO), amid the unabated shooting incidents that have been alarmed residents since January, this year.

In an interview with RPN-Zamboanga, Iturralde voiced out his sentiments over the unsolved gunslaying cases, which have so far reached 118 as of Wednesday, August 15.

Among these incidents is the killing of former Camino Nuevo Barangay Kagawad Isabelo “Billy” Sarte, who was shot dead Sunday night, along with his 24-year old son Ronald and a companion.

Last Tuesday morning, another Kagawad of Barangay Buenavista was also shot dead in broad daylight, just in front Divisoria Elementary School.

The vice mayor, who sits as vice chairman of City Peace and Order Council (CPOC), believes, “there is a need to assess, whether the city police is still capable of solving these cases, as well as preventing the same to recur again and again”.

Iturralde also noticed that out of these numerous shooting incidents, no significant arrests or filing of cases against the culprits ever happened.

“Despite having put good and top caliber police officers to lead ZPCO lately, still, criminals manage to carry on their nefarious activities day and night with impunity,” Iturralde said.

The vice mayor has called on Estilles to also review the performance of local policemen, whether they still possess the necessary qualifications to become law enforcers.

“If not, these cops be better retrained or reassigned elsewhere outside of Zamboanga City”, the vice mayor added.

Meanwhile, as an answer to Iturralde’s call, Estilles vowed to start re-assessing his men’s capability, both in solving and preventing crimes in the city.
In a separate interview, Estilles said, he has already discussed with newly-designated OIC City Director, Sr. Supt James Mejia, the possibility of re-assigning those incapable lawmen out of ZPCO, and eventually, replacing them with new ones coming from the Police Regional Office-9.

The police general also hinted about giving Mejia a free hand of revising ZPCO’s anti-crime strategies, as he admitted, “the old one may be too used up and no longer effective as of today”. — Philip Abuy