MNLF leaders back Tan as next ARMM governor PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 19 August 2012 14:47

Leaders of the Moro National Liberation Front led by former Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao OIC Regional Governor Alvarez Isnaji have endorsed to President Noynoy Aquino their choice bet for ARMM Regional Governor in the 2013 elections.

The Isnaji-led MNLF faction has strongly recommended Sulu Governor Abdusakur Tan to be the administration candidate as the only viable and qualified man for the position to be at the helm of the automous regional government.

Tan, along with four governors and majority mayors of ARMM are members of the administration’s Liberal Party (LP), the group said, even as they urged President Aquino to anoint Gov. Tan under the administration party ticket.

During the MNLF Dialogue Cum  Iftar (Pagbukah) gathering held at Azenith Hotel, attended by Front leaders coming from ZambaSulta, Palawan and other regions, the group made known its collective decision to support the 3-termer Tausug governor as the MNLF official candidate .

The gathering was also attended by supporters to include representatives of AFP-MNLF integrees and non government organizations.

In an open letter to the President duly signed by MNLF leaders, the group stressed that “since ARMM is the obvious product of the Bangsamoro struggle, it is just but  proper that the rightful leader to run the affairs governance must be the official choice of the MNLF, which in 1996 signed the final peace pact with the government.”

Isnaji said, “Gov. Tan possesses all the qualifications needed to lead the ARMM in instituting all the desired reforms as envisioned by President Aquino, aside from Tan’s strong leadership qualities to bring peace and development in the region.”

Tan, who likewise has been an acknowledged bonafide member of the MNLF because of his commitment to peace and development for Mindanao, is believed able to serve fully the interest of the ARMM  constituents.

As Governor of the province of Sulu, Tan has been instrumental in the transformation of the province of Sulu into a developed and economically progressive province inching its way to become at par with the others thru his reform agenda being implemented at present, the MNLF leaders emphasized.    

Tan according to Isnaji, enjoys not only the respect and support of his constituents but also of both the regional and national leaderships for his credibility and competence.

Isnaji, who was also former municipal mayor of Indanan, Sulu, said that Tan has the support of the all incumbent provincial governors of the ARMM even as he is hopeful that the President and the administration party will anoint Tan and propel his candidacy to victory.

According to the MNLF leaders, Tan deserves the support of the front because he holds in high esteem the principles being espoused by the Front which is to fight for the cause of Hulah, Bangsa and Agama, which is reflective of the true sentiments of the people of the autonomous region that Tan fervently stands to protect as a leader.

“We need a leader like Tan, the only Tausug leader that the Bangsamoro could depend on as someone whom we could rely on to entrust the fate of the ARMM as of this present,” according to the MNLF.

Meanwhile, a Civil Society Organization vowed to initiate a parallel move to endorse Tan as alternative regional gubernatorial candidate to run for the ARMM.

Sulu-based Ukanggig Mindanao Chair Dr. Amilpasa Annil said a CSO Regional Summit for BASULTA is scheduled to be held on August 22, 2012 in Zamboaga City to participate in the political decision in connection with the 2013 ARMM polls. — WAJ/IndieMAN