Father arrested after taking 3 kids hostage PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 August 2012 14:17

A man was arrested by policemen after he held his four children hostage inside their house at Km. 23, Upper La Paz last Friday afternoon.
Police identified the suspect as Tito Gregorio y Bucoy.

Initial investigation showed that Gregorio’s wife Annabel woke up around 1 p.m. and heard her husband Tito shouting invectives to their eldest daughter Analyn, 21. Tito was armed with a bolo.

Tito approached his daughter and made a movement to hack her but he was pacified by their son Christopher, a minor.

Police said that Christopher engaged in a scuffle with his father as he was trying to disarm him.

Christopher sustained an injury in the body during the scuffle.

Annabel then confronted her husband but she was also threatened.

At this point, Annabel grabbed their two young children then rushed to the house of her cousins where they sought for help.

However, Annabel saw her husband took their four other children and dragged them inside their house where he held them hostage.

Tito threatened to kill the four children if Annabel won’t go back to their house.

Annabel rushed to the police station to report the incident.

Acting to the report, policemen proceeded to the house of Annabel where they spotted Tito along with the four children inside their house.

Several minutes later Tito released their four children after the police convinced him to do so.

During investigation, one of Tito’s minor daughters told the police that her father had been raping by her whenever their mother was not around.

Police have prepared charges against Tito. — Dan Toribio Jr.