On bomb attack: Jalosjos calls Lobregat ‘political liar’ PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 August 2012 14:20

Former Congressman Romeo “Nonong” Jalosjos, founder of the Zamboangueños for the Transformation of Zamboanga (ZTZ), has called Mayor Celso Lobregat a “political liar and irresponsible” when the latter included politics as one of the possible motives in the twin bombing last Thursday evening injuring least nine people.

“If he has really spoken that way, he is a political liar, insensitive and even irresponsible to his constituents. He should be juicy enough to his words because he is the incumbent mayor,” Jalosjos said as he feels alluded when Lobregat was allegedly forcing local authorities during the Peace and Order Council meeting to include politics as one of the motives in the latest explosion.

“If he really said it, it was really intended for us. I don’t think he was referring it to Beng (Congresswoman Salazar) or to Erbie Fabian because they belong to one group,” Jalosjos said.

He continued: “I have been in politics for so long years. I don’t take this seriously because it’s a matter of credibility. Probably, the easy way for him to get out of it is to blame other group.”

Earlier, authorities have been looking into three angles— extortion, personal and terroristic activity—as possible motives in the the Rural Transit Bus bombing last Thursday evening.

Jalosjos said that bombings in the city have been happening even before the onset of the political activities in the city.

“Certainly, long before the group that is against with his group came out, Zamboanga has been rocked by a series of explosions. He should be very careful in issuing statement that would somehow mislead the authorities,” Jalosjos, who is eyeing for the mayoralty post in the city in the 2013 election, said.

Jalosjos challenged Lobregat to utilize the millions of pesos Intelligence Fund in solving criminalities in the city.

“The I.F should be used in accordance to its priority because the lives of Zamboanaguenos have been taken due to non-action and probably not even a care for his people,” he challenged.

The ZTZ founder also challenged Lobregat to do something to stop the counting of killing incidents in the city which is being posted in huge tarpaulin at the Universidad de Zamboanga.

“He should stop the counting of killings in the city by taken positive action in solving the crime because it will not bring good to the city. It is like a New Year’s Eve countdown. The more they count, the more the city will be placed in bad light,” Jalosjos stressed. — Jimmy Villaflores