ON BOMB ATTACK -- Lobregat to Jalosjos: ‘Why sudden reaction?’ PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 August 2012 14:30

Mayor Celso Lobregat yesterday expressed surprise why an out-of-town political wannabe has strongly reacted to the pronouncement of the Crisis Management Committee (CMC) that moves to discredit the present administration is one of the possible motives in the ongoing investigation of the Thursday twin blasts.

Mayor Lobregat said the CMC has received various information concerning the incident and out of which came four possible motives: extortion, employees’ grudge against the bus company, terrorism and moves to discredit the present administration—which are now being looked into by the authorities in the course of the investigation of the incident.

“These are among the information that we have been receiving and if there is anybody who reacted, I don’t know, I was not alluding to anybody but all of a sudden you have this reaction coming from Jalosjos”, the surprised mayor said in a radio interview yesterday morning.

Radio anchorpersons Jimmy Villaflores and Gil Climaco of RMN interviewed the mayor on air yesterday morning to get comments on published articles entitled “On bomb attack: Jalosjos calls Lobregat ‘political liar’ in the August 20 issue of Daily Zamboanga Times and “Jalosjos calls on Lobregat to find solution instead of blaming people” in the August 20 issue of Zamboanga Today.

“I was asked during the press conference [after the CMC meeting Friday] what were the possible motives and these were the possible motives that were discussed during the CMC meeting, so will I lie to you? I am not a liar, I would not lie to you and I will tell you straight to the point that these were the motives that were brought up during the meeting, what is lying about that?” the mayor asked.

He said the many information received by the committee [either by phone calls or through text messages and other means] to include about moves to discredit his administration have been relayed to the proper authorities and even to Secretary Jesse Robredo [prior to the unfortunate plane crash incident], who has instructed that all possible motives be seriously considered and looked into.

In the course of the interview, anchorman Climaco revealed that he himself received through a phone call, information pointing to the discrediting of the administration as a possible motive of the bomb blast. And in reaction, Lobregat said “if you report that to the authorities, I will not immediately react and say, Gil Climaco is a liar”.

Anchorman Villaflores, likewise, in the same interview disclosed that he also received text messages pointing to the angle discrediting the present administration as a possible motive in the explosion incidents.

Lobregat advised Villaflores and Climaco to relay the information to the proper authorities, as it is the anchormen’s responsibility to help provide information that may lead to the solution of the case.

He said the two anchormen’s revelation on air confirms that discrediting this present administration is indeed a possible motive. “Your revelation is not the basis but it simply confirms what we discussed [in the CMC], this is a possible motive and tiene maga gente ta recivi informacion, asta yo ta recivi informacion”.

The mayor said the moves to discredit the present administration have been going on long before Jalosjos announced his bid to run for mayor in Zamboanga City. “So why does he feel particularly alluded to? It is very, very surprising why he feels alluded to.”

He said no names of individuals or groups were mentioned, as speculating things would hamper the ongoing investigations.

Lobregat retieated that he is not running for mayor and that he is surprised why the former congressman of Zamboanga del Norte, who announced his intention run as mayor in Zamboanga city, has strongly reacted and felt alluded to the statement.— Sheila Covarrubias