Mejia deploys 85% of local police force in field PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 27 August 2012 14:07

Believing that police visibility could help in deterring of crimes, OIC City Police Director Sr. Supt. James Mejia has deployed most of the police force in the field and has retained a few number to do paper works and desk jobs.

In his less than a month in office, Mejia observed that policemen are sometimes not visible in many of the streets and some public places.

Of the 1,300 policemen, 600 of them are assigned in the central police station while the rest are equally distributed to the different sub police stations.

Mejia said at present, at least 85 percent of the police force are in the field while the remaining 15 percent iare assigned in office.

During the weekly formation at ZCPO, Mejia reminded the police force of their prime responsibilities in the community.

“I want you to stay vigilant every time. You should work hard to maintain the tranquility of the area where you are assigned. We should do this not for ourselves but for the next generation. Protecting people is our prime task,” Mejia said.

Aside from the proper deployment of the local police force, Mejia is looking forward for an efficient crime solution rate and probably an effective crime prevention brought by the CCTV cameras that are being installed in the different strategic areas in the city.

The city government has appropriated sufficient funds for the purchase and installation of the CCTV in which activation of such will commence before the year ends. — Jimmy Villaflores