GBI-TBBG conducts free haircuts in today’s RMN’s outreach mission PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 August 2012 14:17

True Blue Blooded Guardians (GBI-TBBG) conducts today a free hair cut in support of RMN’s outreach mission which includes bloodletting, dental service, feeding, medical consultation, optical service, legal counseling, and cooking lesson to the public.

According to SMAC Allan “Lan” Tierra, GBI-TBBG newly-installed city president, the free hair cut will start at 8 a.m.  to 3 p.m. at Wesmon Training Center, Sampaguita Road,. Tumaga Porcentro where at least eight experienced barbers from different barber shops were hired to do the service.
Tierra said the public is enjoined to avail this free hair cut.

“This activity of providing a free hair cut to public is one of our humble contributions and participation to this outreach mission being conducted by the RMN Zamboanga. As guardians, we are happy to be their partner in this worthy endeavor,” SGRF Jun “Lover” Aba, GBI-TBB

Newly-elected city chairman, stressed in an interview.

Abba disclosed that aside from providing free hair cut, the GBI-TBBG, will also participate in the bloodletting activity. Many guardian brothers and sisters coming from the uniformed services and from the civilian sector have volunteered to be blood donors.

“I myself will also donate blood.

It’s good to donate blood and it is also a great feeling when you know by donating blood you are also helping save lives,” Aba said.

RMN Radyo Agong Station Manager Joel T. Sanson disclosed that GBI-TBBG has always been a partner of RMN in past outreach missions here in the city.
“We are grateful for the participation of our guardian friends in tomorrow’s RMN’s outreach mission especially now that as our network is celebrating its 60th years of existence of broadcast and public service nationwide,” Sanson stressed. — MAC Jemuel E. Mojica VP, Maritime (Divisoria) Chapter.