Retirees get help in cashing benefits PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 August 2012 14:19

Policemen, who upon retirement expect to get their dues, will no longer endure the agony of waiting for long as a help group is now actively working for the swift release of their benefits once they get out of the service.

This is what the Police Retirees Association is actively involved in these days to extend a helping hand to their fellow policemen who have labored long, hard and dangerously in the service of the community.

The group was formed by concerned police officers and men who went through difficult times in awaiting the release of their retirement benefits as bureaucratic red tape prevented them from enjoying early their severance pay.

Appearing at a soon to air episode of Cuentas Claras, hosted by 2nd District Rep. Erbie A. Fabian, the police officers, who have long retired wanted to reach out and inform their soon to retire colleagues that they are here to help.

Represented by former Police Superintendents Jul Jubail, Cef Bernardo and Ed de Guzman, the group has actively campaigned for the timely release of benefits for retiring cops as well as offering other services to help their peers enjoy the fruits of their labor upon retirement.

The group also helps policemen with providing avenues for retiring cops to invest their money in worthwhile and safe ventures.

They also provide help facilities for those who are sick and in need of financial help.

The Police Retirees Association is distinct from other groups in the as they have a personality all of their own and espouse their own views and stand on certain critical matters in the community.

The association is spread out across the country and the group keeps in touch and share ideas, resources and manpower with each other with the common bond they shared while still in the active service.

They disclosed they are out to help and make things easier for their comrades in arms at the time of their tour’s end.