Vitali chairman, school principal favor real property tax increase PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 December 2010 14:57

Citing the many benefits it can give to school children and the barangay folks, barangay Vitali officials have expressed support to the new rates for real property tax rates set by the local government.

Vitali chairman Lito Alavar and Vitali Central School principal Hermogenes Bayaras were one in saying that real property tax collections have been suitably benefitting the education and the barangay sectors, as they thanked the city government under the leadership of Mayor Celso Lobregat for constantly undertaking initiatives to further improve delivery of services to the people.

“Bien alegre el maga residente de Vitali por este maga proyecto que ta implimenta aqui na barangay” (the residents are very happy and grateful for these projects being implemented in our barangay), Alavar declared acknowledging the fact that 15 percent of the real property tax collection is siphoned to the barangays.

Mayor Lobregat last weekend led city government officials in unveiling some P9.4 million worth of projects including a 2-storey 6classroom building, a covered court and 2 slope protection  projects at the Vitali Central School.

“Apabor yo con el movimiento del gobierno local para revisa el real property tax rates,” (we are in favor of the move of the local government to  revise the real property tax rates) Alavar said. “hay cuida kame enbuenamente con este maga proyecto que ta implimenta na di amon barangay para el bien del maga jovenes de este heneracion y tambien el que viene pa heneracion” ( we will surely take care of these projects being implemented in our barangay for the well being of the present generation and the generations to come).

Bayaras said no doubt the Lobregat administration utilizes well the special education fund represents 50 percent of the real property tax collection. He said the Vitali education sector understands the need for the raise in real property taxes as the school children’s needs also increase every year.
“We are in support of the move to increase real property tax rates because the education sector is the primary beneficiary of the special education fund. Providing the young with the necessary education will help solve challenges in life because if people are educated they are productive citizens and can help in nation building,” the school principal said.

He thanked Mayor Lobregat’s administration especially for the 2-sotrey 6 classroom building constructed at the Vitali central School stressing that it will help provide convenience comfort to the over 1,300 enrollees and the 34 teachers.

He added that Vitali school district officials were in the City Council last week as a show of support to the ordinance setting new real property rates, which was eventually approved by the majority councilors.

Bayaras lauded the city government for the priority being placed on education.  — Sheila Covarrubias