Navy helps settle feuds among 7 warring clans PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 August 2012 13:54

PATA Island, Sulu – The Asia Foundation in partnership with BAPESDA, Tulung Lupah Suh, SMFI-Sulu and in coordination with the Naval Forces Western Mindanao facilitated and conducted the settlement of conflict among seven feuding families in the municipality of Pata, Island on Tuesday aboard a navy vessel.

After long years of conflict, the Bahara, Jul, Allani, Ismula, Ismael, Alih, and Adjail clans have finally met to end their differences to start building a just and lasting peace in the island.

This settlement of disputes was initiated by the ground forces themselves after realizing that their long years of hostilities had just resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives, series of human rights violation, meager economic development and poor governance.

With its commitment to achieve reforms and improve community relations in conflict-affected areas, the Asia Foundation supported the call for peace and vision of transformation. In order to make this possible, they tapped the military presence and not any political entities to facilitate and witness the signing
of peace covenant to avoid any obstructions for furtherance of the peace settlement.

The Philippine Navy is one of the supporters which opened its doors to the invitation of the Asia Foundation and local populace. The signing of peace covenant was made aboard BRP General Mariano  Alvarez  (PS38) where leaders of each clan, peace negotiators, and military officers placed their
respective signatures on the covenant as a symbol of the end of long years of wars.

The Naval Forces Western Mindanao, with Pata Island in Sulu as one of their areas of responsibility was pleased with the settlement of family disputes.  They see it as an effective beginning of the peaceful transformation of Sulu which the whole Filipino nation has been eager to see for decades now.

Naval Forces WM chief Rear Admiral Armand Guzman, who addressed the participants as “peace lovers, encouraged the feuding families to be sincere of their commitments on the settlement of their conflicts. 

He cited his past experiences in Sulu as young naval officer aboard ship where he witnessed first hand conflicts particularly in Pata Island.  He is very thankful with this positive development as he is about to close his military career next year.