Pareja gets support against coal fired plant PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 31 August 2012 14:37

Oppositors of the coal fired power plant in the city were able to make their negative stand stronger after getting the support of other groups nationwide during the Anti-Coal Summit held in Quezon City recently sponsored by the Green Peace International.

Barangay Chairperson of Talisayan Josephine Pareja said that she and the group of University (WMSU) Professor Edgar Araojo attended the summit together with concerned groups from the provinces all over the country specially those that have pending proposal of putting up a coal-fired power plants.
“We are moving as one now with the intention to send a strong message to the president (Benigno Aquino III) for him to listen our sentiments,” Pareja said.

“If President Pnoy is really pushing his advocacy of matuwid na daan, it must be the matuwid na daan na walang alikabok na maitim sa daan,” Pareja continued.

Of the 98 barangays in the city, it is only Pareja and many of her constituents and barangay officials who are strongly opposing the establishment of a coal-fired power plant by San Ramon Power Inc. (SRPI) inside the Zamboanga Economic Zone.

SRPI management committed to distribute the needed power capacity of Zamboanga City. SRPI will produce a total of 100 megawatts.

However, despite SRPI’s  efforts in trying to explain the benefit that the city can get from the power plant and the mitigating measures they will introduce to prevent any negative effect to the environment, the plant is continuously facing strong objection from the group of Pareja and Araojo.

During the anti-coal summit, Pareja said a manifesto was signed by those in attendance asking President Aquino to consider their stand and to reject the proposals of the multi-billion companies that have the intention to put up coal-fired power plant in the different region.

As agreed in the summit, the group will officially send letters to the different cities/provinces expressing their strong objection and for the local government unit to realize the negative effect of the coal-fired power plant.

“I hope they will respect our decision. We are the host barangay. We know what is good for our community,” Pareja appealed to  local officials who are supporting SRPI. — Jimmy Villaflores