Leadership’s true essence is public service –Fabian PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 31 August 2012 14:40

The true essence of leadership is service, and leadership entails social responsibility. It is a responsibility to leave behind a measure of legacy while seeing to it the torch is passed on from generation to generation so that there will always be new blood to take their turn at being leaders of our community.

Thus was the gist of a keynote message delivered by 2nd District Rep. Erbie A. Fabian before the esteemed Class of 1972 of the Zamboanga City High School Main who counts among their group a distinguished blend of academicians, professionals, business and civic group leaders as they gathered last Saturday for their Ruby Jubilee celebrations at a grand reunion at Astoria Hotel.

Fabian in driving home his point, stressed his own example he derived from his more than 20 years of service in public governance in the city. He has derived great satisfaction in seeing his contributions transcend his personal ambitions and goals and aspirations in life.

“You learn that in public service, it becomes more and demands much for what we personally set out to achieve. At each day’s end, this I think, became more important and evident as people become living testament to your deeds for a better tomorrow,” Fabian said.

He urged the jubilarians to focus not on oneself but on those they serve as fulfillment which becomes more gratifying.

Fabian added this is what makes him aspire to run for mayor in 2013 as a collective effort of selfless service to the people and the community here could augur well for a better tomorrow.

He promised to bring the kind of leadership to help and protect the interests of everybody and each sector if ever he becomes mayor of Zamboanga.

Zamboanga deserves the payback for what it has afforded each and everyone the chance of gaining a measure of success in life and urged all well-meaning Zamboangueños to continue nurturing the dreams and aspirations of making the city great once again.