City pours in P138M in San Roque in 5 years PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 04 September 2012 14:05

Residents of barangay San Roque yesterday gratefully accepted from the city government 5 infrastructure projects worth P16.3 million but can expect a lot more in the coming months.

Mayor Celso Lobregat, who together with Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde and some members of the City Council led the unveiling of the newly-constructed barangay hall, two drainage systems, one multi-purpose pavement and slope protection, said San Roque is one of the barangays that has been blessed with enormous projects under the present administration and even during the term of his mother, the late Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat.

In the newly-completed Barangay Hall compound will soon rise the community police action center, a health center and a center for the elderly that will make it a one stop shop government center. The barangay hall sits in a 323 square meter property that was acquired by the city government.

Lobregat said ongoing also is the construction of an archive building inside the City Abattoir area where all records of the city government will be kept and stored. The project will cost P19 million.

For the San Roque Elementary School, the city government will also construct a 3-storey 12 classroom building and to protect the San Roque river, a slope protection will also be constructed, according to Lobregat.

He said many more projects will be implemented in the barangay even as he said that the city government has already invested some P38 million from 2007 to 2012, to include those projects submitted to the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) and those for implementation.

“El San Roque, since the time of Ma’am Caling bien serca gayot na Corazon del gobierno local”, Mayor Lobregat said in his message during the turnover ceremony held at the imposing barangay hall. 

He stressed that all these projects are made possible due to prudent and judicious spending of the city’s resources.

As he concludes his 3rd term as mayor in June 30, 2012, Mayor Lobregat hoped that the next mayor will be somebody who has the same love and care and who places high priority and concern to the children, youth and women, someboy who will protect the children and women from all types of abuses and somebody who can be a role model for the young and old to follow or emulate. 

Aside from the P4.17 million barangay hall, undertaken by 2M Construction company, also unveiled and turned over yesterday were the construction of slope protection near the elementary school implemented by RC construction company at a cost of P5.188 million; drainage system along the NFA road leading up to the junction of Talungon, San Roque implemented by Steel-Rich Construction company and worth P2.53 million; construction of drainage system at the City Abattoir undertaken by CGR company and worth P1.96 million and the construction of multi-purpose pavement at the City Abattoir implemented also by CGR company worth P2.46 million.

Accompanying the mayor and vice mayor during the turnover rites were Councilors Rudy Lim, Myra Paz Abubakar, Luis Biel III and Rogelio Valesco Jr, City Social Welfare Officer Francisco Barredo and City Engineer Luis Despalo. Also present were San Roque barangay officials led by Bernardo Clemente, San Roque Elementary School principal Laarnie Villanueva and barangay officials from Pasonanca, Tumaga  as well as the contractors who implemented the projects.

As this developed, Clemente in his message said words are inadequate to thank the mayor and members of the City Council for the massive projects implemented and to be implemented in his barangay.

Affirming Mayor Lobregat’s pronouncement that San Roque is second nature to him as well as to his late mother, Clemente also cited his experiences and encounters with the late Ma’am Caling  as she exerted efforts to help San Roque.

“Milliones de gracias con Mayor Lobregat y con el gobierno local. Desde antes, tiempo pa di Ma’am Caling [hinde pa yo oficial de barangay] bien grande gayot el que ya ayuda el ciudad con el barangay”, Clemented said.

He added that the barangay folks are just too eager as well as grateful for the other projects that will be implemented soon as this will redound to the benefit of the barangay constituents.

Also forming part of the highlight during the program was the turnover of 425 kiddie plastic chairs and 100 tables to the different day care centers under City Social Welfare and Development Office field office 3. — Sheila Covarrubias