Teachers’ Month celebration comes full force this Sept. PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 06 September 2012 14:10

Observed as Teachers’ Month Celebration, September is the opportune time to offer a word of thanks, show gratitude and appreciation to the second parents who are responsible and nurturing school children, into responsible citizens and independent individuals. During the formative years, children imitate, absorb and apply information and values that are critical for a good upbringing.

Beginning on September 5-October 5, a group of activities are being prepared to highlight the importance of competent educators in the city. This month, teachers from all over the city are to celebrate a day with their students. Teachers will be taking a break from teaching and strengthening bonds with their pupils. A general program and teachers’ day spa will be organized at the City Coliseum which will be open to all educators and the teaching workforce.

October 5 of every year is a worldwide event, rightfully called World Teachers’ Day, which is commemorated to recognize the service and dedication that teachers play in strengthening the community and nation building.