2 die after eating ‘botete’ in Patalon PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 07 September 2012 14:07

A fisherman and his nephew died after they ate the poisonous puffer fish (botete) in Barangay Patalon last Wednesday night.

The fatalities were identified as Rodrigo Pioquinto y Francisco, 53, married and Randy Algodon, 32, single, both residents of Patalon. They were rushed to the Labuan hospital where they expired.

DZT gathered that Pioquinto and Algodon with two other companions were having a drinking spree at the former’s house around 10 p.m. when Alvin Bucoy gave them the puffer fish for pulutan (finger food).

It was learned that they cooked the botete without expertly taking off the ovaries, skin, muscles and liver where  the poison is said to be stored. They ate the botete while drinking.

Two hours later, Pioquinto and Algodon started vomiting prompting their relatives to rush them to the Labuan hospital. They were later transferred to a downtown hospital where they expired while undergoing treatment.

It was learned that their two drinking companions did not feel anything bad after eating the puffer fish as they did not eat the ovaries, skin, muscles or liver of the fish.

In Japan and in Cadiz, Negros Oriental,  puffer fish is a delicacy. Japanese chefs meticulously clean the fish and carefully take off the ovaries, skin, muscles and liver  to prevent the poison from spilling and  spreading to other parts of the body. In Cadiz, the Ilonggos call it “buriring.” — Dan Toribio Jr.