MNLF endorses Tan as ARMM governor bet in 2013 election PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 09 September 2012 14:21

The Moro National Liberation Front, in an unprecedented move, threw its unwavering support to Sulu Governor Abdusakur Tan in his bid to become the administration bet for Regional Governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao in the 2013 elections.

The MNLF has sought for President NoyNoy Aquino’s anointment of Governor Tan.

In a resolution adopted and duly signed, the front’s mainstream officials were united to respectfully and strongly endorse to the President Gov. Tan’s bid to be the administration party candidate.

“This is the clamor of many of our people and we, the leaders have to listen to them,” said Abdul Sahrin, Sec. Gen. of the MNLF-Sema faction and a member of the Council of 15.

“Our people believe that Tan has the heart for his people. He has the experience and expertise aside from hisa clear vision  and definite program of changing people’s lives for the better..He’s used to help the less fortunate to help themselves,” Sahrin emphasized in an interview.

Tan is a bonafide member of the Liberal Party in Sulu, who took his oath recently and is serving his second term of office as governor.

In pushing for Tan’s candidacy, the MNLF leaders expressed their trust and confidence on Gov. Tan whom they believe have leadership qualities that could live up to the President’s expectation to carry out the agenda of reform for the ARMM.

“He is so far the most qualified and viable candidate who could approximate the kind of leadership President Noynoy is looking for with whom the party could entrust the fate of ARMM compared to other political leaders the region has as of this moment,” according to Dr. Abdurahman Amin, MNLF’s permanent Liason to the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).

At the same time, The MNLF urged all members to unite, participate in politics and strongly support the candidacy of Gov. Tan, describing him as someone who has the profile of a good and potential development oriented leader committed to serve the people, based on his experiences as politician and successful businessman.

“Let us join hands to deliver to deliver him (Tan) to the regional governorship of the that in turn he can deliver the goods and development to our people,” the group said.

The decision of support for Tan was articulated during the conduct of the MNLF grand leadership meeting, spearheaded by the MNLF Junior Cadre Officers Corps held at the Garden Orchid Hotel,.

Present in the gathering were top MNLF brass including leaders representing the Central Committee of MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari, Muslimin Sema-faction; Council of 15; Alvarez Isnaji-group and Ustadz Mujahab Hashim and ICC and MNLF Women and Youth and Children coming from Mindanao, Zamboanga Peninsula, Sulu, Basilan, Tawi-Tawi, Central, Northern and Southern Mindanao and Palawan.

Collectively, the MNLF is confident that it is only the Sulu Governor who could serve their clamor and aspiration for change, one who could address the pressing needs of the front and the whole Bangsamoro constituents.

During the one-day affair, resource persons to include Ustadz  Abdulpatta Radjaie spoke on Purification of body (Paglanu atawa Pagsutsi sin Jasad iban ngawa); Lecture on Importance of Unity and Reconciliation (Kalagguan sin Pagtibuuk iban Nagsusulut-siyuluti) was shared by Tuhan Abdullahsani Idlasan;  Special Messages on Hargah sin Magmaap-maapi  or Importance of Forgiveness was delivered by Ustadz Hadjaraji “Guro Bata” Tapsi followed by Suara Pamulansang (Meassages) by all the leaders present. Ustadz Sharif Jullabbi, former MILF spokesman gave his insights on unity and peace.

Earlier, MNLF leaders of the Alvarez Isnaji-led faction appealed to the president for the anointment of Tan to lead the party-ticket in the ARMM polls as regional governor-bet and subsequently followed by some Civil Society Organization which also made the same call.

The gathering was concluded with the proposal to personally bring to President Aquino the resolution. —