Cerebral Palsy Awareness and Protection Week kicks off in ZC PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 16 September 2012 14:45

The National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) will spearhead this year’s celebration of the 9th Cerebral Palsy Awareness and Protection (CPAP) Week set here from Sept. 16-22.

Anchored on the theme “Sa Karapatang Natutulan,Tanaw Na ang Magandang Kinabukasan,” NCDA Acting Executive Director Carmen Zubiaga said the celebrations primarily aim to raise public awareness about cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is an abnormality of motor function (as opposed to mental function) and postural tone that is acquired at an early age, even before birth. Signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy usually show in the first year of birth.

Studies proved, that the cause of cerebral palsy is usually prenatal and not related to events at time of delivery, in most instances it is related to events that happened during the pregnancy while the fetus is developing inside the mother’s womb.

Cerebral palsy affects approximately one to three out of every thousand children born. However, it is much higher in infants born with very low weight and in premature infants.

Premature birth is a risk factor for cerebral palsy. The premature brain is at a high risk of bleeding and when severe enough, it can result in cerebral palsy.
Medical experts revealed that children prematurely born can also develop serious respiratory distress due to immature and poorly developed lungs. This can lead to periods of decreased oxygen delivered to the brain that might result in cerebral palsy.

Director Zubiaga urged all national and local government offices, agencies and other organizations to extend full support and cooperation to the celebration to attain its goal.