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Monday, 17 September 2012 14:18

Royal House of Sulu Kiram Foundation has been officially established with the objectives of bringing together all its family members to work for unity and progress of Sulu Archipelago.

The newly formed foundation recently and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC. CN20110869) had issued a formal “Manifesto of Unity” affirmed by all members of the Kiram family for the very first time, said Princess Merriam  Kiram, Foundation President in an interview.

Princess Merriam, wife of the late 34th Sultan of Sulu His Royal Highnest Sultan Mahakuttah Kiram announced to all and sundry the forming of the foundation. The latter is also the president  of the Hong Kong-based United World Foundation (UWF).

The Kiram ancestors reign over the Sulu archipelagic  kingdom and other territories since the 13th century and are the acknowledged owners of Sabah (the then North Borneo).

“This is unprecedented. We were able to unite all the members of the Royal Kiram family, which promises to spearhead the economic development of the country’s premier Islamic province,” Princess Merriam emphasized.

“Whereas, there is an impending and urgent need for all the peoples of Sulu Archipelago and the entire Philippines as well as to bind and unify themselves together for the common purpose of peace, unity, and development,” the manifesto of solidarity and peace of the peoples of Sulu  Archipelago  states.

The royal family and their people decided to form the foundation in order to unite all the living family members for common purpose and direction.

“Whereas, the peoples of Sulu and the heirs, clans and successors of the Sultan of Sulu understand that they can only have a meaningful and prosperous activities if they will act together as one with a common purpose despite various differences,” said the manifesto.

Kiram pointed out that the foundation’s mission and vision included; To bring about the development of Sulu Archipelago, to become economically stable, environmentally peaceful and prosperously abundant; to promote goodwill among each other and give full cooperation and support to the UWF; spearhead education , economic and industrial development of Sulu; bring peace to Sulu, to the country and to the world; to understand activities for humanitarian endeavors.

The heirs gathered yesterday in one of the hotels in Zamboanga to prepare for the coming in of the investors into the territory in order to get started with the initial move that will propel the economic development of the Sulu and its peoples.

The RHSKF,Inc. is seriously committed to  fully support the reform agenda of President Benigno S. Aquino , III which is believed to be the right path in  addressing economic uplift to the peoples of Sulu and the country as a whole.

“Indeed, with this united front the dream to bring into forth the long awaited prosperity and development that will pave the way at bringing back Sulu’s glorious past,” the Princess, pointed out.

Furthermore, Princess said this will open the door for international investment to pour in from different parts of the world and bring the Philippines at par with neighboring countries and to the highly developed countries.

The foundation officers are: Princess Merriam T. Kiram; President; Vice President-Datu Faisal Kiram; Assistant Vice President-Dayang Dayang Sheramar  Kiram;  Chief Executive Officer-Datu Farhan Kiram; Corporate Secretary-Dayang Tanya Rowena K Tahil; Treasurer-Datu YLDON T. KIRAM; and Assistant Treasurer Datu Almujiv Kiram. — faber_concepcion2004