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Thursday, 20 September 2012 14:24

Mayor Celso Lobregat has issued an executive order regulating the extraction and hauling of sand and gravel aggregates in a bid to curb the proliferation of illegal quarrying activities in the city.

Specifically, executive order CL 471-2012, issued September 3, prohibits quarrying of sand, gravel and other quarry resources by holders of quarry permits within their concession areas from 6pm to 6am, Mondays to Sundays.

Within the same period, the mayor’s executive order also prohibits the hauling or transporting of sand, gravel and other quarry resources. This prohibition applies with equal force and effect to all types of quarry permit and to contractors implementing government projects.

Mayor Lobregat said motor vehicles caught violating the regulation shall be impounded and quarry permittees and haulers as well as persons acting on their behalf including owners of the vehicles used in the prohibitive act, upon investigation and recommendation from the City Legal Office, shall be meted administrative fines and permit revoked based on amended Ordinance 2002-094, also known as the sand and gravel law, without prejudice, however to the filing of related cases—whether criminal, civil and administrative under existing laws, rules and regulations.

The executive order is an offshoot of a consultative meeting that Mayor Lobregat had with quarry permit holders, barangay chairmen and officials, City Environment and Natural Resources Officer, City Engineer, City Treasurer, Barangay Affairs Officer, representatives from the City legal Office, assistant city administrator and representatives from the construction industry last September 3 in City Hall that tackled issues pertaining to illegal quarrying activities of non-holders of quarry permit and the need to impose stricter measures to enforce the sand and gravel law particularly during night time.

The sand and gravel law or City Ordinance 2002-094 (as amended) prescribes rules and procedures for the issuance of permits for the extraction of sand, gravel and other similar resources within the territorial jurisdiction of the city. It authorizes the mayor to impose other terms and conditions to all types of quarry permits issued pursuant to the same ordinance. The law also provides that violation of the terms and conditions of the permit shall constitute a lawful cause for the suspension or revocation of the permit.

The mayor’s executive order likewise provides that sand and gravel aggregates load of motor vehicle caught during the prohibited hours shall be presumed to originate from illegal or undocumented source and shall be confiscated and later disposed upon order of the court or the mayor.

EO 471-2012 shall become part of the terms and conditions for the issuance of all types of quarry permit. “For the purpose of strict and indiscriminate implementation, this Act is also enforceable to all existing holders of quarry permit and contractors implementing government projects”, the order stressed.

The order also enjoins the OCENR to enforce the sand and gravel ordinance, as amended and to ensure due compliance of the executive order; mandates all barangay chairmen, with the assistance of barangay officials, to enforce the ordinance as well as the EO in their respective barangays, pursuant  to the provisions of the Local Government Code; instructs the Zamboanga City Police Office through its police station commanders to render police assistance to barangay officials in the apprehension of violators of the ordinance and other related laws, rules and regulations; mandates the fielding of roving teams from the City Ordinance Enforcement Unit of the City Administrator’s Office and the City Hall COMPAC, who are authorized to check and apprehend violators of the ordinance and other related laws and tasks the city administrator and his assistant to see the strict compliance of the EO. — Sheila Covarrubias