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Sunday, 23 September 2012 14:47

Mayor Celso Lobregat yesterday aired an urgent appeal to all teachers under the Division of City Schools to exert all efforts to help improve the quality of education by lowering the dropout rate and improving students’ performance in the national achievement test.

The mayor issued the challenge during the Teachers’ Summit attended by some 10,000 elementary and secondary school officials and teachers and organized by the Division of City Schools under City Schools Superintendent Pete Natividad in celebration of Teachers’ month from September 5 to October 5.

Keynoting the summit was Education Assistant Secretary Elena Ruiz and Education Undersecretary Rizalino Rivera. Other guests included Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde,  Councilors Nonong Guingona, Myra Paz Abubakar, Percival Ramos, Eddie Saavedra, Mike Alavar and Rey Candido, Rotary Club President Santiago Araneta, Tzu Chi Foundation and People Power Revolution Volunteers chair Dr. Anton Lim and numerous others.

“The City Government of Zamboanga has done its share, in fact, the city government has done more than what is expected and the challenge now is for you to make sure that the dropout rate will be decreased, the cohort survival rate will increase and the performance of students in the national achievement test will improve”, the mayor said after rolling out his administration’s governance practice in education from 2007 to 2012.

Since improving the city’s financial condition, Mayor Lobregat has initiated starting in 2007 the massive and sustained investment in education that has reached P1.38 billion as of June 30, 2012.

The LGU, since the time of the late Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat, has placed so much priority to education as it is part of the social contract with the people of Zamboanga as embodied in the City Development Strategy. This vision on education and the youth was pursued relentlessly when Mayor Celso Lobregat took over as Mayor starting in 2004 to present.

The city’s investment in education includes the construction, repair of school buildings, fences, comfort rooms, stages, covered courts and other education-related projects in public schools—all intended to ensure a better future for the city’s youth.

In the same message, Lobregat cited the very crucial and significant role played by teachers in the lives of every individual.

“Without teachers, there would have been no professionals in our midst. Without my teachers, I would not have become mayor today neither you would become teachers today”, he said stressing that teachers are not only the sources of knowledge, but it is from them where people always find guidance, friendship, discipline and love.

He took the opportunity of thanking the teachers for the work they are doing for the young children and on a personal note, he expressed gratitude to the teachers for the support and cooperation to his administration. “The opportunity you have given me to serve the city not only for one but 3 consecutive terms is very rare and extraordinary. Words are not enough to express how grateful my administration is to you, for all your contributions to the city and for supporting the efforts of the local government to serve the Zamboangueño people.”

And as he concludes his third term next year, Lobregat expressed his fervent wish before the teachers. “It is my fervent that the next mayor will be someone who has the same vision as my mother, Ma’am Caling, a vision that we continue to pursue until today”.

The next mayor, Lobregat also hoped, would be somebody who will make sure that any and all types of abuses against women and children will not happen and will stop.

“It is my hope that the next mayor will be somebody who will have the heart for the youth and will be a model for the children and the women”, the mayor said eliciting loud applause from the teachers.

The activity, held at the City Coliseum was highlighted by the induction of officers of the Federations of ZC Teachers, Parents-Teacher Association, School Supreme Government and Student Pupils Government and the awarding of the most outstanding teacher in the elementary and secondary levels.
The celebration of Teachers’ Month themed “My Teacher, My Hero”, is pursuant to Proclamation 242 of President Noynoy Aquino and a Department of Education memorandum circular. — Sheila Covarrubias