Nuño formally declares alliance with ‘Fuerza’ PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 05 October 2012 14:44

Councilor Abdurahman Nuño last Wednesday evening formally declared he and his wife Councilor Lilia M. Nuño is now in a political alliance with “Fuerza Zamboanga”, the alliance of independent candidates gunning for elective posts in next year’s midterm elections.

Nuño’s wife Lilia is ‘Fuerza’s bet for Congress is District 2, the city’s east coast bring vacated by outgoing Congressman Erbie A. Fabian.

Nuño said he and his wife have taken a leave of absence from the ruling party of Mayor Celso Lobregat and chose to get into an alliance with the group of Cong. Erbie A. Fabian who is aspiring for the post of mayor in 2013.

In rationalizing their leave from LDP to which they belonged dating back to the years of then Congresswoman and later Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat, Nuño declared they aligned themselves with the “Fuerza Zamboanga” team of Cong. Fabian to pursue their plans independently of the ruling party.

Nuño also said the 10-point agenda being pushed by Cong. Fabian jibes with most of their plans and programs making it a seamless transfer to the ‘Fuerza’ team.

He added the atmosphere in the Fabian camp is conducive to both the candidates’ individual and collective pursuits as all of them have been accepted as independent candidates.

He said this does not mean a total break from the ruling party as they are serving as councilors committed to pursue and support the programs of the present administration until their term ends in June of 2013.

Nuño added while the ‘Fuerza Zamboanga’ coalition of independents might appear as early underdogs, reports from the field indicate no clear-cut leads for any team making the May polls as probably the most exciting ever in recent elections.