Guard hacked dead, killer takes his gun PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 08 October 2012 14:12

A security guard was hacked dead and firearm was taken away by the killer along Baliwasan Moret at dawn yesterday.

The fatality was identified Joselito Janolino, 42, a security guard of the Nemesis Security Agency and was detailed at a gas company.

Janolino’s body was discovered yesterday morning with three hack wounds in the body.

Investigators recovered a scythe at the crime scene.

Police said that Janolino’s body  was found covered with plain sheet around 5:30 a.m.

During investigation, lawmen learned that Janolino’s issued .38 cal. revolver was missing believed to have been taken by the killer.

Police suspect that Janolino was in his duty when a man armed with a scythe appeared and hacked him three times. 

When Janolino collapsed on the ground, the killer took his revolver and then covered the body with a plain sheet before leaving the place.

The body was brought to a funeral parlor for post mortem examination.

Police were still working on the case. – Dan Toribio Jr.