Luuk, Sulu mayor seeks re-election unopposed PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 08 October 2012 14:17

The incumbent mayor of the municipality of Luuk, (2nd District) Sulu, Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), will embark on a campaign unmatched in the town’s political history after finding himself running unopposed at the close of the filing of the certificates of candidacy on Friday for the May 13, 2013 synchronized national, local and ARMM elections. 

Mayor Allayon M. Arbison, Jr. of the Liberal Party, is seeking his second term as elected mayor of Luuk, which his elder brother, former three-term congressman Munir M. Arbison, called a “first time” in the town’s political elections. “This is also proof and reassurance of the constituents’ trust and confidence in Jun’s (Mayor Arbison) leadership,” the elder Arbison added.

Luuk has been the bailiwick of the Arbisons since the clan ventured into politics in the early ‘80s started by their patriarch, former mayor Abdurahman K. Arbison Sr, former congressman Arbison with now incumbents Mayor Arbison, Jr. and Vice Mayor Nayala Arbison Hamsani taking the reins. Luuk has a total - but still to be validated - 17,000 registered voters after the ARMM general registration on July 18.

Arbison said that Sulu is also showcasing a political setup for 2013 that is unprecedented in elections in the province. Five mayors, including his brother Allayon Jr., of the 11 municipalities comprising the 2nd district are running unopposed, while five others out of the eight mayors of the 1st district are also running without opponents, which political observers in the province say, could bring about the most peaceful elections ever in Sulu and the entire ARMM, he added.

“This (political arrangement) was made possible through the efforts of Governor Abdusakur Tan who ably forged a unified front of almost all of the municipal mayors under the administration’s ruling Liberal Party,” Arbison said. The governor is also the LP provincial chairman of Sulu.

Luuk town has joined the bandwagon in total support of the leadership of Gov. Tan and his son, Abdusakur Tan II, who is the LP official candidate for the governorship of the province in the coming elections. With the pledge of full support of 18 out of the 19 municipal mayors of Sulu, the young Tan is perceived to be unbeatable and may well be considered as if he (Tan) is also running unopposed, the former lawmaker opined. The present setup of political alignment gives the Sulu LP candidates the biggest edge in 2013, Arbison said.

In the congressional races, meanwhile, Arbison is optimistic that his wife, Maryam Arbison, who is running for Sulu’s 2nd legislative district seat, enjoys the advantage with the party’s full support with incumbent Rep. Tupay Loong getting the edge in his bid for re-election to the 1st district’s congressional post.

Mrs. Arbison is going up to the polls against incumbent and re-electionist Second District Rep. Nur Ana Sahidulla, whose area of political support has four (4) mayoralty candidates in 2013, in contrast to Arbison’s Luuk bailiwick which has no opposing candidate for mayor.

Governor Tan’s LP ticket bet for mayor of Tongkil municipality – Rep. Sahidulla’s political base – is Hadji Abdullajid S. Alih, who is running against his cousin Hadji Warid Sahidulla, son of incumbent Mayor Wahid Sahidulla and Rep. Sahidulla, the former solon disclosed. Mayor Sahidulla has also filed his candidacy for provincial governor against Gov. Tan’s son, Abdusakur II.     

Two other aspirants for Tongkil’s mayoralty post include: Jamar Sumad and a certain Mukim, who both filed as independent candidates, Arbison said. — BBG