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Tuesday, 09 October 2012 14:03

JOLO, Sulu - Former Indanan, Sulu mayor Alvares Isnaji is running  for congress in Sulu’s 1st district after he filed his Certificate of Candidacy, Thursday  last week giving a good alternative choice for the electorate of the district’s 8 towns  .

Isnaji, a top leader of the Moro National Liberation Front, along with his supporters officially filed his COC with the Comelec amid cheers from his supporters, who accompanied him in full force.

A native of Timbangan, Indanan, Sulu, and born on Feb. 19, 1946, Isnaji is happily married to Nasrun Seraji Isnaji. They are blessed with several kids.
He leads a faction of the MNLF, who earlier had endorsed Sulu Gov. Sakur Tan for ARMM Regional Governor.

As a Senior MNLF leader who fought the Marcos regime along with other commanders during the 70’s, Isnaji left a legacy of a true “Moro fighter for a cause” until the signing of the 1996 final peace accord between GRP) and the MNLF under the auspices of the Organization of the Islamic Countries (OIC).

Isnaji is supported by several leaders under the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) and  the Puersa ng Masa Party (PMP) of former Pres. Erap Estrada  of the  different towns which will propel his candidacy to victory , according to Indanan Vice-Mayor Khan Nahudan.

Nahudan is vying for re-election. Other candidates for municipal councilors include Malli Kadil, Ubay Sahabil, Dadang Talib, Rohilyn Indanan, Darwin Askali; Armanzar Isnaji and Muham Salialam and Hakim, among Isnaji supporters.

Isnaji has thrown his hat into the political arena after serving as elected mayor of Indanan, Sulu; elected member of the Regional Legislative Assembly and eventually Speaker of the RLA;  ARMM OIC Vice- Regional Governor; ARMM Regional Cabinet Secretary (DOST) ; Acting ARMM Regional Governor, whose stints in all capacities proved outstanding in terms of performance in public services.

Many supporters of the Isnaji  expressed confidence that with the years’ of experience in both legislative and executive as well as sterling local governance he will be able to institute the desired reforms for the province.

Isnaji stressed the need to bring peace and development ,accountability, good government by addressing poverty and unemployment; true ,  service, protection of Human Rights (women and children rights); self-determination and self reliance, and Moral asendancy and fear for  Allah.

He believes changes in the lives of the many poor and marginalized sectors of the region can still be attained under the Pnoy administration’s reform agenda for development.

“I share and support the vision and sincerity of the president and I believe he is the right leader of this country who can address and perpetuate what her mother the late democracy icon and hero the Pres, Cory Aquino has started. I believed Pnoy is here now to perfect it, “aspirant Isnaji emphasized. — BFC