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Thursday, 25 October 2012 15:10

The City Police Office’s Investigation Section has forwarded to the city prosecutor’s office cases of violation of Republic Act 9745 otherwise known as the anti-torture law, frustrated murder and serious illegal detention against a businessman and his two employees who were accused of torturing and planning to kill a suspected thief the other day.

Sr. Insp. Arlan Delumpines yesterday said that after a thorough investigation, they forwarded the three cases to the city prosecutor’s office.

Delumpines said he and his men are still looking into the possibility of including another case of rape against the businessman and his employees after the teenager-victim told police that aside from torturing him, the three suspects inserted an iron into his anus.

Delumpines said that among the three suspects, Richard Ranay-Ranay was arrested during a follow-up operation while Leo Alvarez and the businessman remain at large.
The teenager-victim was rescued by the police last Monday morning inside a fastfood joint where he was detained and tortured.

The rescue came after one of the employees of the fastfood joint owner identified as Eric Eugenio with the help of his sister reported to the police the businessman’s alleged plan to kill the teenager after torturing him.

To recall, the teenager was held by Eugenio, Alvarez and Ranay-Ranay after he was accused of robbing the fastfood joint a few weeks ago.

Eugenio said their employer allegedly ordered them to hogtie the teenager then started torturing him.

No less than the teenager told the police that the fastfood joint owner led the torture.

Delumpines said the businessman and Alvarez will be arrested as soon the court will issue the warrant of arrest.

The businessman called up this reporter through mobile phone yesterday and denied the accusation. He said it was impossible for him to torture the teenager right in his business establishment.

He said the supposed torture could have been carried out by Eugenio, who was earlier suspected to have stolen the television set in the fastfood joint.– Dan Toribio Jr.