Soliven hits Zamcelco on 3-4 hour blackouts PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 October 2012 14:33

”In the spirit of transparency and accountability, Zamboanga power consumers deserve an honest answer.  Zamboanga will not be experiencing 3-4 hours power rotational curtailment if Zamcelco did their part with a sense of urgency. Who is foot dragging the implementation of the Interruptible load program scheme?
Whose shoulders fall the responsibility? Who may be  guilty of economic sabotage?” 

These are questions raised by Pedro Rufo “ Pocholo” N. Soliven, ZCCIFI president and chairman of Task Force ILP-TOU, addressed to Charito Mabitazan, OIC of Zamcelco , who was installed by the National Electrification Administration (NEA), in his (Soliven’s)  letter dated October 24,2012

Soliven, who just arrived in the city, from a grandslam victory in the Confederation of Chamber of Asia and Pacific (CACCI)  in Kathmandu, Nepal as the Most Outstanding Local Chamber in Asia and Western Pacific, and the PCCI Most Outstanding Chamber in the Philippines, was surprised to experience a 3-4 hours rotational
power curtailment, when before he left the country, all was set for the signing of the MOA and its immediate implementation. 

Soliven firmly believes that with a pro active measures implemented like the ILP-TOU Scheme, the people of Zamboanga City would not have suffered the crippling 3-4 hours rotational brownout.

“I can only sympathize with the small business entrepreneurs who cannot afford to buy its own gen set and the loss of opportunities it brought to them.  The added cost of firing up their own gen sets for business owners who have their own gensets... the inconvenience to the ordinary households especially with family members who have infants or elderly who needs special care and  the large number of households whose appliances have conked out due to unreliable and fluctuating power…low productivity and shorten work schedules for workers and other unquantifiable ill effects. All these happen because of incompetence and lack of foresight , internal squabbles, political dynamics and power play happening inside Zamcelco  hampering the efficient delivery of service to the member consumers they are bound to serve”.

Soliven aired his dismay and frustration on how this power situation impact on the macro level economic perspective of Zamboanga City. “how this problem affect the score card of Zamboanga City in terms of competitiveness, in terms of its readiness to host big industries and ICT related investments, where a reliable and dependable power supply is a pre requisite?”

To recall, early this year, ZCCIFI in partnership with IGZI, SOPHIL and other industrial firms commited itself in helping Zamcelco to source the much needed power supply, due to worsening power deficiency.  The creation of the Task Force ILP-TOU unanimously elected ZCCIFI President Soliven as  Chairman, The task force was successful in convincing the initial 15 enrollees,  the Universal Canning, YL Fishing, NY Marine Talisayan, NY Marine Sinunuc, YL Blast, M & S, Permex, Phidco, ADZU, Mega Fishing, Ayala Seafoods, Astoria Regency, Garden Orchid Hotel, A.TungChingco Corp., and Coca-cola Bottlers Phils., Inc., and an aggregate of 8 MW was initially identified as a buffer and standby dependable power supply for ZAMCELCO’s power consumers. The task force chaired by Soliven commenced work last December 08,2011, with a clear objective to source additional supply of Power Load internally, since Napocor/PSALM cannot supply the needed power demand of Zamcelco for distribution and to avert the power curtailment in the city.

“With the implementation of the Interruptible Load Program (ILP) and Time of Use (TOU) Program, we can easily solve the power deficiency and avert the rotational power curtailment the city is experiencing right now.  On why this was NOT implemented and put on stream with a sense of urgency, despite all the kinks that was ironed out, is for Zamcelco management to answer to its member consumers?  The ball is now in Zamcelco court, ”  Soliven said in the letter addressed to Mabitazan, a copy of which was furnished to Ms. Editha Bueno NEA Administrator , Usec. Josefina Asirit of the Department of Energy and Elbert Atilano Zamcelco Board president. — Gary Paloma