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Tuesday, 30 October 2012 14:14

Fulfilling his advocacy program on Health, Education, Agriculture and Livelihood (HEAL) in the city, District 2 Councilor Miguel “Mike” Alavar III conducted another successful comprehensive livelihood training on fish processing in Talon-Talon.

Alavar’s significant role in the livelihood training in every community is part of an advocacy and mission to control or reduce poverty among Zamboangueños.

The three-day free livelihood training was participated by 33 women and two men,  all beneficiaries of the PPPP. They were taught the proper way of deboning bangus and the making of Spanish style sardines.

Aside from the actual demonstration on bangus deboning and Spanish style sardines, participants were also trained on proper marketing, repacking, labeling, good manufacturing practices.

The training proper was held at the Talon-Talon barangay hall from October 18 to 20.

Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde and Councilor Lilia Nuño graced the training’s culmination day.

The two officials lauded Alavar for his continuous support and concern to the indigent people of the city.

“The city is lucky because Alavar is really committed to help the poor people of the Zamboanga,” Iturralde remarked.

The vice mayor added that Alavar’s dedication and advocacy are a true testament of a public servant.

“Saludo yo con el hardworking councilor (Alavar),” the vice mayor said.

Nuño commended Alavar for his sincere help to the less fortunate people especially the women.

“Ta Saluda yo con el bien activo consehal Mike Alavar por el suporta de suyu con el las mujeres aqui na Talon-Talon,” Nuño said.

Alavar’s free comprehensive livelihood training program has been held successfully in different other places in the city and outside Zamboanga.

The training program is led by trainers of the Brotherhood for Livelihood Philippines (BLP) headed by Mark Torralba, Alex Sali, Jeffrey Reondon and Arnold Sotto.
Reondon is an out-of-school youth and a product of Alavar’s Comprehensive Livelihood Training.

He was employed by a canning firm after he underwent Alavar’s training and presently he is one of the top caliber trainers of BLP.

Last October 20, 2012, Reondon was featured in a famous TV show hosted by popular broadcast journalist Jessica Sojo

Reondon is now a role model in the community following the adage, “Nasa Diyos ang Awa, nasa tao ang gawa.”– Dan Toribio Jr