Mayor bans sale, orders seizure of pellet toys PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 10 November 2012 14:17

Mayor Celso  Lobregat has ordered a ban on the sale of pellet toy guns in the city and directed the immediate confiscation of the prohibited items.

Lobregat on Monday issued Executive Order 482 directing the acting City Police Director and the Task Force Limpiesa (City Hall COMPAC) to strictly enforce the ban.

The mayor was prompted to issue the order in anticipation of the Christmas season when private and public economic enterprises in the city will be flooded with pellet guns.

Lobregat stressed it is of public knowledge that the sale and use of pellet toy guns had been causing so much physical injuries especially to young people.

“A proactive approach is prudent an necessary to protect our children from unnecessary injuries”, the chief executive pointed out in issuing the order.

All confiscated items shall be properly accounted for, turned over and deposited at the office of the City Administrator for proper destruction.

The City Administrator is likewise tasked to see the compliance of the directive.

Corollary to this, Lobregat also issued an executive  order regulating, controlling and limiting the pyrotechnics allowed to be used, sold and distributed in the city by licensed dealers.

Citing provisions of Republic Acts 7183 and 7160, executive order 481-2012 strictly prohibits the use, sale and distribution of firecrackers, such as but not limited to piccolo, triangulo, super lolo, watusi, el Diablo, Judah’s belt and whistle devise among others.

Only sparklers, luces, fountain, jumbo regular and special, mabuhay, Roman candle, trompillo, airwolf, butterfly, all kinds of pyrotechnics (pailaw), baby rocket, sky rocket (kwitis) and other types equivalent to the foregoing are allowed to be used, sold and or distributed in the city by duly licensed dealers.

Lobregat said only those persons/ entities duly authorized by Mayor/ business permits to distribute and/or sell pyrotechnic devices are permitted to distribute and sell such product in the city and such distribution and sale shall be limited to their registered place of business.

Licensed dealers are prohibited from keeping in their stores quantities of pyrotechnic devices in excess of combined total of 50 kilograms. The rest of the stock shall be kept in the warehouse from which replenishment shall be withdrawn from time to time as the need arises, according to Lobregat. — Sheila Covarrubias