Fishing-canning industry echoes call for ‘real’ biz rep in ZCWD board PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 12 November 2012 14:11

The fishing and canning industry led by its industry organization, the Southern Philippines Deep Sea Fishing Association (SOPHIL) under president Stephen L. Kaw, in a letter addressed to the current ZCWD Board Chairperson Dr. Milagros Fernandez, strongly appealed that the ZCWD Board must be represented by a “genuine” representative coming from the business and industry sector.

SOPHIL membership is composed of 11 “movers and shakers” of the fishing and canning industry, namely:

1. Universal Fishing Corp 2. Mega Fishing Corp 3. YL Fishing 4. AMR 5. OLC Fishing Corp. 6. Nancy Fishing Corp. 7.  E & L Fishing Corp 8. Zamboanga GMA Fishing Corp. 9. Oceanic Fishing Corp. 10. Century Fishing Corp. 11. Jordan Fishing Corp.

The youthful SOPHIL president earnestly calls for a ‘true” representation, taking cognizance  the importance of water in their production value chain, SOPHIL echoes the clamor of Industrial Group of Zamboanga and join other business organizations  representing various industries in Zamboanga City, that a “real” representative from the business and industry is of paramount importance,  coming from the ranks  business and Industry  sector representative,  who will add great value to the present board  is vital to the myriad of problems the Water District is confronting at present.

Currently, the business and industry sector ZCWD Board seat is being occupied by former Mayor Efren F. Aranez. ,He was appointed by City Mayor Celso L. Lobregat.

The fishing and canning industry is a key driver and engine of growth in the city. It positioned Zamboanga City as the “Sardines Capital of the Philippines” where almost 80 % of the sardines production in the country are coming from this industry represented by SOPHIL. It generates employment of more or less  30,000 directly.    The fishing and canning industry is a vital industry in Zamboanga City, substantially contributing  to Zamboanga City economic growth in terms of GDP in the west coast . — Albert Francisco III